Jul 9, 2008

Woo....I feel like my fiance and I are on a roll. We're getting a lot done...
Today we went and opened our registries! Overall a good experience...First we went to Pottery Barn. If anyone's thinking of registering with them I would recommend going there first. They guide you through the whole thing and show you around the store so you kind of gain your bearings. You don't get that at other places. We got most of our dinnerware/glassware stuff there. I heart the Emma collection!
Crate & Barrel was next. They give you a free heart shaped candy dish for registering there! I was excited. Anyway, we found more kitchen-y stuff there.
Kohls was last and it went really great until we went to go download our items and the kiosk wasn't working! Grrr. Supposedly they're going to put it all up tomorrow so I hope we don't have to do it all over again. We got bed and bath stuff and appliances there.
A lot of stuff we'll have to hold out on since we don't know where we're living and what will still be available in awhile. We got a lot of blues, tans, whites, and yellows so hopefully we can do a lot with that!
I know it's 11 months ahead of time but it was so fun to start the registry. I was too excited about it to wait. Plus it gives us time to change/add/delete if necessary.
We're also looking into honeymoon plans...we're working with a travel agent and trying to find something in our price range.
We went to a wedding music seminar last night. It's hard for me because being a music major I'm kind of a music snob and after playing Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring and Canon in D about 100 times I'm never having that at my wedding!!!!! It'll be interesting trying to find music for the wedding.
And lastly...we're doing our counseling this month too. Whew...it's wedding mania! When I have to go back to school it will all be worth it though!
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