A picture of Amalfi, Italy
A picture of Amalfi, Italy

Possible Honeymoon Location

Erik and I have started talking about honeymoon locations and I think we're leaning toward Europe. We figure while we're over there we should try to see a lot. Italy, Switzerland, Scotland, Austria, and England are all on the list.
Hopefully this summer we can try to set some things up and actually plan it more. Anyone have any tips on honeymooning in Europe or is actually doing it as well?
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 |  Geneseo, NY, USA  |  04/10/2008  | 
We are going to Italy, and possibly Greece for our honeymoon.  We don't have all of the details worked out yet, mostly because we still have about one and a half years until our wedding.  But I think Europe is a great place to honeymoon!  We want to go before we start our family because we aren't sure when we'll ever be able to again!
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I'm getting married to a man named Eric, and I ordered the same exact dress...in ivory, and we're honeymooning in Europe.  Bavaria to be exact.  This trip to Europe will be my ninth.  So, clearly, I highly recommend it.  Eric has never been, but it is so rich in history, culture, art, architecture (and food/drinks), how could you go wrong?
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