May 9, 2009

N came down this past weekend, and we were finally able to go meet with the church together. The pastor wasn't there, so we couldn't really discuss pre-marital counselling, but the secretary did show us around and answer some of our questions.

They are really flexible - we can have the ceremony whenever we want (we're thinking 2 pm - gives people time to travel in the morning and still gives us time for pictures between the ceremony and reception), we can use any songs we want, and theres no contract or anything (however, I honestly would rather have one..I'll probably ask for something in writing later on when we confirm times).

Anyway -

Pros - Parents got married there ("something borrowed"), Nice Wood Ceilings, Lets N's Dad Officiate
Cons - Bright Red Carpet, Not so attractive lobby, Short Aisle, Seems Dark

Anyway, we're penciled in, and we'll probably go with it unless I join/we find a better church later.
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sanctuary, short aisle
wide sanctuary
wierd half wall
uggggly lobby. need to dress this up.
sanctuary doors....ideas how to decorate this?
Green Ceremony -
Green Ceremony -

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