Jun 15, 2009

I am going to have 10 tables. Five are going to have these cylinder vases and the other five are going to have the tiffany gift boxes with the candle holders. My cylinder vases are going to look similar to the picture except more flowers (all white) and not as many branches and i am going to paint the branches blue for a lil more color. And I am going to have loose crystals in the bottom of the vase.

I already bought my vases. These bad boys are 2 feet high and run about $30 retail. Well I' ve gotten all five between the price of 9.99 and 12.99 at marshalls and ross. So I got them all for less than half price, I am on a roll!!!! lol.

And I am going to make my tiffany gift boxes as well. Most websites sell them for about 60bucks a piece. I think I can beat that lol.
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Blue Centerpieces
Blue Centerpieces
Blue Centerpieces
soontobemrshenry's Blue wedding
Schenectady, NY, USA
Have you found your branches yet? I initally purchased 24, 1 for each table. But Then I decided to go with White Rose Kissing Balls instead and I am trying to sell them off at this point. I will sell you 22 for $100. Google to compare prices, then check my site to see if you're interested. Most of them have been srpay painted Silver and some are still the normal color.
heatherm76's Blue wedding
Concord, NC, USA
LOVE these centerpieces! I'm doing similiar, except we're mixing bamboo in with them too....I like the height of yours, he thinks ours should be short, uhh noooo bring on some height bay-bay! So that is what mine will be missing is the flowers, if I add the flowers, THEN I can get my height maybe b/c obviously you'd want the bamboo to stick out WAY further than the flowers, hehehe, thanks girl, you just gave me some FAB ideas!!

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