Apr 23, 2012

Am I crazy? I have been liking this together more and more. Originally I wanted Yellow and white with gold accents. I still might do it, but I really like this pink look with the yellows.

Still have plenty of time to think this over? Sean says what ever, it's up to me. Isn't he sweet?
Yellow Roses

- Melonie & Sean
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hot-pink and yellow theme
tiffanyranaekasten's Orange wedding
Knox, IN, USA
honestly I love both ideas but I really like the pink and yellow it looks so so so cute :)
browncurls's Blue wedding
New port richey, FL, USA
I love it!!! I think I love this color palette more. :)

Here are some links I found to help you out if you still consider:




nubiandiva's Purple wedding
Charleston, SC, USA
You, and I are must be thinking alike. I was going to change my colors again for the hundredth time to yellow and hot pink.. But, Fhubby shut me down real quick on me changing my colors again..

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