May 19, 2009

To add some colour and originality to the centrepieces i have been thinking about adding sliced citrus fruits on the side of the vase.

I have seen this before in a magazine and thought it looked fab!
Having a beach on a wedding i wanted the reception to be colourful and exotic and i think this might work- I could use pink grapefruit for mine!
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scotchminx's Yellow wedding
Stittsville, ON, Canada
Ya, I am using all lemons instead of flowers.

Figured since I kill all of the flowers and plants that come into my house, that they have no business in my wedding either.

sema84's Black wedding
Mugla, Lezhe, Turkey
lol to be honest i was thinking the same thing myself! will some flowers but not loads!

This way it still looks good but alot cheaper!
futuremrsweikle's Pink wedding
Newnan, GA, USA
I never even thought about using pink grapefruit! Have you thought about maybe using apples or pears too (since you were thinking of having green too)?
sema84's Black wedding
Mugla, Lezhe, Turkey
ooooh Ashley thats a fab idea i actually have seen a centrepiece with apples in!
I am loving ur way of thinking! THANKS x
liz1984's  wedding
Stoke-on-trent, Stoke-on-trent, United kingdom
Again Miss Evans I think u are right on the money there, keeping it fresh and light is exctly what u need for your surroundings and as a real contrast to the black dresses in the background.

Its so hard to find the right kind of vase and decorative piece for flowers to go in and this way the fruits are the decoration so does not matter so much what the vases look will make it far cheaper I imagine....

P.s, if u are thinking of getting the vases urself (which I think may be a good idea) look on ebay my friend has got some really nice ones as a job lot. x

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