Blue Wedding Planner Finally time to start really planning

Wedding Planner
Finally time to start really planning

its been a while since i posted something but guess what???? Im BACK!!! It was so long until my wedding when i first started this blog and i was a little discouraged because it seemed like forever away. Now with a little more then a yr and a half away and the fact that i can actually say Im getting married next yr when everyone asks im a lot more excited about planning this shindig. I got lots of great ideas and i cant wait to start bringing them all together.

plus i get to see all ur great ideas and thoughts!!

so far i am totally in LOVE with a dress
have great ideas for centerpieces
the sand ceremony
and a bunch of other things!

If i go a little posting crazy soon please forgive me :)
aimee114's Pink wedding
 |  Winnipeg, MB, Canada  |  01/27/2011  | 
Yay, we are glad you are back - POST AWAY! Thats what this website and we are here for! I can imagine you must be very excited to be able to say it's next year ... eeeeeiiiiiikkkkkkk - do the happy dance ;)
princesni's Pink wedding
 |  Saint-cloud, A8, France  |  01/28/2011  | 
ha so happy for you!!!
fairytalebride's Blue wedding
 |  York, ON, Canada  |  01/28/2011  | 
welcome back and post away thats what we here for lol!
Happy Planning :)
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