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Reception Ceiling
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Some more Reception Decorations:

I Looooove Decorating!!! I can't choose what to use and what to eliminate since I do not want to overdo it! So, here are some of the things I am thinking of using! All suggestions and comments are of course welcome.

#1) I love the ceiling decorations in the first picture... I think it will give the room a really soft and romantic feel!

#2) These pictures do not do justice how pretty the lighted waterfall backdrop for the bridal table I want is! But trust me it is gorgeous!

#3) Again this isn't the best picture, but if I don't use the ceiling decorations from the first picture, I will do some type of pillar, tulle, and flower arrangement around the dance floor.

I will using as many candles and rose petals on all the tables as possible!!!

*** As stated in previous posts: My tables will be white table clothes, black table runners, black chair covers, with white satin sashes. The centerpieces will alternate between tall Eiffel tower vases with white flower arrangements and a low candle & rose petal array. ***
ccranetobe's Orange wedding
 |  Melbourne, Andorra la vella, Australia  |  03/24/2010  | 
soooooo pretty!!!! I love it!
nasha412's Black wedding
 |  Pittsburgh, PA, USA  |  03/31/2010  | 
we are on the same boat girl! lol i don't want to over do it but i feel like i need more, i absolutely LOVEEE the first choice and the second is nice too! Good Luck!
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I have been in love with this backdrop for a long time. I talked to my aunt who knows a decorator...
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