Sep 7, 2010

First I think I need to tell you how FH and I met. I am a billing manger for a transportation company. We transport to and from docors appointments, we are a brokerage of the state. We use other providers plus we have our own buses. Anyway, I have worked here going on 8 years. FH started here part time. He drives the bus in the mornings and then goes to his second job. (My hard working man) He started flirting and well... here we are.

Now...I had this cute idea to make chocolate sucker favors. I bought these cute chocolate molds. They are little buses! I think its a school bus but they look just like the little buses we have here at work so it works.

I melted the chocolate and made the molds. While I was waiting for my molds to harden I used my tag punch and made a tag, then used my "thank you" stamp on it. When my suckers hardened I took them out of the freezer and as you can see there was a lot of extra chocolate around the edges. I trimmed that off with a knife. I used pretzel bags instead of lolli-pop bags and they worked perfectly. I tied with black ribbon and attached my tag then tied a bow. I really like the way they came out.

I don't know if everyone will get the bus idea but I ordered a stamp from vista print and It says "He drives the bus she does the bills who would have known the love they would feel" Corny I know! lol But I think I will use that to make a little sign and put them on baskets on the tables.

So please give me feedback.

I know I made a lot of suckers...FH has already eaten two. I was just testing I think I got carried away. But how long can you keep chocolate? I still have a year so i think I will be waiting a while before i start on them.
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My chocolate suckers before I trimmed the excess chocolate off
cute lil bus
in the wrappers
tied with my DIY tag
Black Wedding Favors Trial Run...sucess?
close up of my tag
macbride's Orange wedding
Hamilton, ON, Canada
I love this idea. It's so personalized and I love the saying on the stamp that you ordered. So cool.

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