Dec 31, 2009

So I wanted some kind of stanchions for the isle and been looking around for quite a while before I decided to make my own. I made mine short but if you want them taller they can be made that way.

Items needed:
Sturdy paper rolls (best to use gift wrap rolls) they must be sturdy
1 yard of fabric
Table clips (you can find theses at a party store there the clips that hold table cloths on)
pail (white, silver)
Glue Gun
painters tape
bouquet holder

Mix the cement according to the instructions on the bag. Cement is messy so please do this in a area you dont mind getting dirty. Then fill the pails or pail until full to the brim. Let the cement sit for about half and hour or until a little firm. take you rolls and mark the bottom using a ruler to the desired length you want to submerge in the cement. after you cement has firmed up a little add the rolls and painters tape center them so they stand straight. Let sit for 24 hours or until cement has completely dry. Now its time to decorate them, First add the table clips by gluing it upside down this will be the hook that holds the rope or fabric. If you decide your not going to have fabric draped from place to place then you can take this step out I used a white organza and starting at the bottom wrapped it diagonally to the top and just tucked the extra in the hole. Then you can place the bouquet holder in the hole and arrange flowers accordingly and you have made your wedding stanchions.
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