Jan 12, 2009

So I have a much better idea of what i'm doing now. Yeahhh! I have to say i'm having a difficult time with photographers. I realize they are worth it...and so forth...but come on some of these rates are so out of control. It's a little frustrating but hopefully i'll find someone soon.

That was my rant above...now onto the cake! Here are some ideas what do you guys think?

I like the first one b/c it has that damansk pattern everyone seems to be fond of. This would be great b/c I could incorporate it throughout the wedding.

I'm not a big fan of any of the other cakes shown (except the first pic w/the one in the left hand corner). I'd remove the big white ribbon and make it more proportion. However, I really like the cake table with the rose petals. I think that's pretty. =0)
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Red Wedding Cake Let them have RED cake?
christyandaaron09's Black wedding
Baytown, TX, USA
that cake is very pretty!

and i agree w/you about photography! they can sure be budget busters, but hopefully my friend's friend who is going to school for her masters in photography will be able to do it.

I also found back up photography packages for 500 if that doesn't work out

keep looking, and as many have said before, try craigslist- that is where i found my back up plan photographer

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