Feb 9, 2009

I've seen posts on this before, and I actually thought that this was people overreacting. Now I'm having nightmares about the wedding myself! Three nights in a row. My first dream I didn't have my hair or makeup done and the limousine didn't show up. The second dream I had the dress I ordered wasn't the one that came in and I had no choice but to wear this other dress that was absolutely hideous!! The next dream I had was that the florist didn't bring my flowers so I had to walk down the aisle with no bouquet and then I got to the reception site and realized that there was no photographer. No pictures had been taken of anything! I don't know why all of a sudden I'm having these nightmares and I feel like it's not close enough yet to be having them. I hope I don't have anymore :(
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sweetserenity's Blue wedding
Loganville, GA, USA
I keep having dreams that my fh leaves me before the wedding, or once at the altar. Its scary but we will get through it.

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