Bridesmaid Dress
Bridesmaid Dress

My girls picked their gowns!

Well, three of the girls did. My fourth bridesmaid has proven to be flakier than I though she would be. I wasn't even going to ask her to be in my wedding, but we've been through so much together, I couldn't just not include her. Now that her boyfriend broke up with her she's just been drinking and partying alot. I just need her to pull it together enough to order the dress, and then just stand there and look nice on my wedding day! Actually, she'd probably be pretty helpful when it comes to my bachelorette party too!

Anyway, I'm really really loving the gown we chose. I think it goes great with my dress, and I adore the train on it, especially since there is such an emphasis on the train of my gown. And I really love the little buttons that go all the way down the back! I think it really has the "Love Story" feel to it. I was surprised by how many really boring bridesmaids dresses are out there! I understand not wanting your girls to out-shine you on your big day, but they don't need to look like blobs of solid green either!!!
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  08/21/2009  | 
These are a beautiul pick, so elegant!  Hopefully the other busy body BM will get her act together soon!  She dosen't know what she's missing! :)
ladybugg's Blue wedding
 |  USA  |  08/21/2009  | 
I agree with gratefulbride, the slacker bridesmaid is definitely missing out.
lauren52210's Green wedding
 |  Hobart, IN, USA  |  08/27/2009  | 
That dress is very pretty! One of my bm's is in love with that dress! (I'm thinking about letting them pick their dress as long as the color was the same.)
futuremrscarrejola's Purple wedding
 |  Brampton, ON, Canada  |  09/13/2009  | 
this is such an elegant dress I absolutely love it:)
's  wedding
 |  East stroudsburg, PA, USA  |  09/25/2009  | 
where did you get the dress from? its great
shawnamarie0509's Green wedding
 |  Flemington, NJ, USA  |  09/26/2009  | 
Its by Alfred Angelo. You can order it from pretty much any bridal shop that carries that line!
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