Sep 22, 2009

I never thought I'd be able to do some of those creative DIY things you girls do, but I'm pretty proud of my cardbox! John and I put it all together, we even stained and sanded the wood! I'm so proud of myself!! I don't like the little ribbons on it, they looked pinker in the store, but against the box they look kind of red now :( I think I'll get a moss green ribbon to match my BM's gowns. What do you ladies think? Does it need anything else?
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Our stained letters
John helping make the box
sarahdarling's Black wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
i absolutely love it. it's such a different style then what you normally see and that it why i love it soo much! you guys did a great job and i can totally see it fitting into your theme!
shawnamarie0509's Green wedding
Flemington, NJ, USA
Thanks sarah! I'm really happy that it goes so well!!
bryde2b's Pink wedding
Dedham, MA, USA
I love it!  Great Job!  Is this your first DIY project?
shawnamarie0509's Green wedding
Flemington, NJ, USA
Yeah! Its my first! I'm not sure what else I will DIY. Definitely my programs. And I'm hoping to do escort cards as names on river stones, but it can't be to hard to write down people's names! I'd love to DIY other stuff, but I'm not sure what!!
oldhollywoodbride's Black wedding
Reno, NV, USA
LOVE IT! Very romantic and sooooo unique! Awsome job on your 1st DIY project! ^_^
bunnykins's Chocolate wedding
Saint catharines, ON, Canada
OMG this cardbox is amaaaazing! It's vintage without being over the top!! I LOVE it!!! Well done, you definately need to do more DIY's.. ur a natural.
shawnamarie0509's Green wedding
Flemington, NJ, USA
Thanks guys :) The pattern is a tiny bit busy, but not everything is perfect, and I'm glad you think that its not to over the top!!
10oct2010's Pink wedding
Beijing, Parvan, China
WOW!! it's really pretty. it's just different!!! well donee !!
futuremrsmarin's Pink wedding
Annandale, VA, USA
I like this a lot, and what I can appreciate the most is that its so unique. Great job!!
shawnamarie0509's Green wedding
Flemington, NJ, USA
Thanks guys!! :) I'm glad you think its unique! I really like it, but sometimes I'm not sure if my taste is that good, I remember really liking a super ugly dress too, it just took a while for me to realize its ugliness!
vicenta's Green wedding
Lufkin, TX, USA
This is so pretty!  Great job!
allaramayan's Blue wedding
Auckland, Greenwich, New zealand
it's amazing shawna!  so great, the pattern is lovely, just change the bow to a moss green and it will be perfect

great job hun!

kbreunig's Black wedding
Wendell, NC, USA
it looks great, i'm proud of you :) i think a moss green ribbon would really pop on it!!!
iluvgary's Red wedding
Real pretty, I love the fact you and FH did this together.
bubsy4's Pink wedding
Brighton, East sussex, United kingdom
wow!!!! they are gorgeous!! wish i could do something like this.. x
teresa07's Purple wedding
San jose, CA, USA
good job! i dont think i would be able to do anything diy hahah thats why i have my sister the MOH she is good at that stuff! oh and i think the green ribbon would look better too =)
amyblaire's Purple wedding
Durban, Canillo, South africa

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