Jul 21, 2009

I saw these tips on another website and thought I would pass them along. They're kind of entertaining and might actually work!

The 10 steps every bride should know:
#1—Take AT LEAST one other girl with you, if not two. But Two is much better than one.
#2-- Enter the stall but don’t turn around. Have the girls enter behind you, yes this requires leaving the door open. But don’t worry, you’ve got so much dress no one will see anything!
# 3- Let the girl(s) hold up the back of your dress.
#4- You go under the front of your dress and grab your shorts/panties/undies or whatever you’ve got on under there.
#5—You will probably need them completely off.
# 6 Sit backwards on the toilet—really, I mean facing the wall backwards. It’s the easiest way since your girl(s) are holding the back of your dress. You should be holding the front of your dress up.
#7 Get someone to hand you some paper.
#8 Stand and put that caboose in reverse while the girl(s) are still holding your back part up.
#9 Grab your shorts and dress yourself—This is probably the hardest part-- You may need to put a leg up on the seat to get some leverage.
#10 When you’re ready. Let your girl(s) know they can drop your dress. But don’t let them leave just yet.

Once your out of the stall have them “Fluff
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deneanrae's Blue wedding
Red deer, AB, Canada
Lol I always wondered how to do this, exsp with those really poofy dresses
shawnamarie0509's Green wedding
Long valley, NJ, USA
Me too! Backwards sounds interesting. I'm not looking forward to my girls watching me go to the bathroom though, kind of creepy!
duggytobe's Blue wedding
Peterlee, Durham, United kingdom
lol this made me laugh! Its going to be really funny trying to 'go' o the day! :-D
stephnjustin's Black wedding
That is soooo cute....it made me laugh! I am going to have to print that out and make sure I always have two of my girls with me when I go to the bathroom!
mrsbrett's Pink wedding
Toledo, OH, USA
I wore a long white satin slip (looked like a slipdress) under my dress-- the crinoline was already attached to the dress. So when I needed to use the restroom, I went in the handicapped stall and took off my dress and hung it on a hanger in there on the back of the door. Then when I was finished, I dressed myself again.
The satin slip was long enough that I didn't feel embarassed when other girls saw me getting dressed. =)
's  wedding
Midland, MI, USA
My dress was an aline. Poofy . but not too poofy. I had a crinoline underneath to add some width. No Train on my dress. It was definately interesting going to the bathroom. What I found out that worked best was i backed into the stall.. one or two of my girls stood in front as I hiked up the back of the dress and pulled it all forward and up.. until i hit the undies haha. They held all the poof out in front of me so i was able to have free hands to get my undies down and sit myself in place. Funniest part was that I got pee shy. haha. I couldn't pee with them standing there haha!! So they got my dress all bundled up for me and i held it above ground while they just simple went around the corner. the second i couldn't see them i went.. i called to them and they came back to hold the dress while i wiped and pulled the undies back up. It was quite hillarious but worked out great. Great thanks to my girls! haha
kbreunig's Black wedding
Raleigh, NC, USA
thats so funny and a good point! i have a medium-full skirt on my dress and i'll need to be using the handicap stall to hit the bathroom! that's for sure :)
peachybride09's Chocolate wedding
Madison, MS, USA
LOL!  I didn't have a poofy gown but a trumpet style bodice.  So there was no way I could get the dress above my hips.  I didn't think out a potty plan so it was trail and error on the first potty stop.  :)  The first time I had to go potty my MOH who's pregnant couldn't fit in the stall with me.  I had to go really bad before we went into the reception.  I couldn't wait on her so I just had her to unzip me, hopped out of the gown and ran into the stall.  All I was wearing were my pretty panties, 2 garters, a veil, and heels.  That would have been a hiliarious pic.  Thankfully there was a latch on suites bathroom door.  :)
misscyn's Blue wedding
London, ON, Canada
LOL! thanks for this, it cracked me right up!

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