Aug 11, 2009

Where can I buy tall vases at for a cheap price. All the ones I see are like 24.99. Can I find them cheaper?
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gonnabeamrs's Black wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
Depends on what size you are looking for, try this website:

If you are looking for 7 1/2 inch vases, try the I just saw another bride's post about buying from them in bulk. I'm thinking of using them.
mizzcaramel's Red wedding
Port-of-spain, Ordino, Trinidad and tobago
im using this same idea for my wedding. hope we find what we're both looking for.
crisari10's Green wedding
Brooklyn, NY, USA
I have some trumpet vase that i'm using for my wedding which is may 22,09 maybe you can buy them from at $15 a piece i have 14 of them let me know what you think.
's  wedding
Chappaqua, NY, USA
Try HJK Imports.  I ordered from them last year for my wedding and got 24 inch trumpet vases for 11.99 a piece.  They might have gone up in price but it is worth a shot!
jnowak's Blue wedding
Oak park, MI, USA
You can totally get these at Micheal's.  I dont know how many you need, but ever weekend the news paper has a 40% off coupon.  I go once a week and buy one at a time...i only need 3 more.  But with every purchase you get another coupon that you can use the next might take a few weeks, but ask your friends to clip them.  Hobby Lobby has the same deal!
mrsestrada's Purple wedding
Buffalo, NY, USA
those are so expensive and it all depends on what size and how many, walmart has some smaller cylinder vases and so does Michales

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