OMG....365 Days left
It's getting closer

I was looking at the calendar and I realized that I have 365 days... I have a lot done but so much left to do I guess I better get back on the ball....
's  wedding
 |  Orlando, FL, USA  |  10/09/2009  | 
It will fly by and you'll be a Mrs. before you know it!

Just take time to sit back every once in a while and relax. Your day will be beautiful. c:
mrscosta2b's Pink wedding
 |  Providence, RI, USA  |  10/09/2009  | 
Me tooooooooooooo  congrats!!
futuresloan's Black wedding
 |  USA  |  10/09/2009  | 
Congrats! It goes by sooo fast!
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