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Candy Buffet
Ordered Pastel Coloured Macaroons!

I'm in love with these Marie Antoinette inspired pastel macaroons! I ordered them in Hot Pink, Pale Pink, Teal Green & Purple to add some spice and colour to my Candy Buffet.

Our Cake baker is amazing and she gets just as excited as I do when it comes to creative cake and candy. She is making us a beautiful mad hater cake, Hello Kitty & Jack Skellington Cupcakes and now our Macaroons ! I can wait to see everything, its going to look great !
(I hope lol)

I posted pics our of cake and cupcakes again just becasue I love them so much! :)
purplenat1's Purple wedding
 |  Lafayette, IN, USA  |  05/20/2009  | 
I love the way those macaroons look - it's so lush and colorful and luxe. They'll look awesome with your cake too!
retro248's Pink wedding
 |  Troy, MI, USA  |  05/20/2009  | 
I love the Hello Kitty cupcakes, too much fun!
hotpink's Pink wedding
 |  Ottawa, ON, Canada  |  05/25/2009  | 
I can't wait to see pics...make sure you post as soon as you are done :)
Your cake and cuppies are super cute...love the Hello Kitty :) I want to find someone to make macaroons for me here, but I am having such a hard time
's  wedding
 |  Vancouver, BC, Canada  |  06/07/2009  | 
wow XD
omg where and who is ur baker?!?!??!
soon2bmrsstrassburg's Blue wedding
 |  Takoma park, MD, USA  |  06/07/2009  | 
ahhh i looove macaroons!
shesallnat's Pink wedding
 |  Oakville, ON, Canada  |  06/08/2009  | 
Viki....our baker is Kempenfelt Cakes in Barrie, ontario. She's Great! I just emailed her some pics of the macaroons and she is going to make some trail ones for me to check out, I can't wait!
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