Apr 13, 2011

Tonight FH and I finalised the details for our ceremony, we need to bring it to church on wenesday as well as our final payment. At least the important part is done we just have to do our rehearsal and this weekend i'll be able to finalise our programs print them and assemble them.

It's getting closer and is bringing a little sunshine in our lives :)
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Red Wedding Planner Ceremony details finalized! YAY!!!
laurie88's Orange wedding
Westminster, MD, USA
:) So exciting. We finalized everything with our officiant in March. A little early but I wanted to start working on the programs. We are also writing our own vows so I wanted to give FH time to do that, even though mine are already finished.

I think after that meeting I finally felt like the wedding was real and really happening. especially when she gave me a sample of the wedding ceremony, how it would go and the actual rundown.

I can't wait to be married!!!

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