Wedding Reception
Aug 11, 2008

It's real!

The ballroom that I booked was awesome. At first I was just in the planning stages, but with a nice hefty deposit that I put down Friday, my wedding is real! There are so many extra things that were included in the sale package that I received. I had no idea...but I love the fact that I can have a big ballroom now instead of a hall.
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Chocolate Wedding Reception It's real!
amcs76's Green wedding
Whitby, ON, Canada
Gorgeous centerpieces!! Where is that pic of the cake from in your profile? It looks amazing!
slbutler81's Chocolate wedding
Beaumont, TX, USA
Everytime I see a pic...I just click and save...I have no idea where I saw that cake...I think it was on I am having a friend re-create I hope it looks just as cute....

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