Mar 4, 2009

Originally I was going to skip the limo. We are having our ceremony and reception at the same location, so I didn't really think we needed a limo. But now I am thinking it would be nice for the entire bridal party to ride to the venue together.

The only snag in this idea is how everyone will get back to where they need to be after the reception? Do I have to rent the limo for the entire day? Do the limo companies split the time (one hour before and one hour later)? I think that figuring out this transportation stuff has been the most challenging aspect of planning this wedding!
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kmogilevski's Black wedding
Cincinnati, OH, USA
The limo has been very challenging for us also.  The Church and the reception location are 5 minutes away and we live about 12 miles from the Church.  So if we got a limo to ride to pre-ceremony pics, the church and the reception, it does not justify the very high cost.  I've never ridden in a limo, so I am heartbroken, but I just can't justify spending at least $500 to ride in a limo for 30 minutes max over the course of several hours.  My mom will be driving the girls in her SUV (hey, at least it's a Lexus!)  I'll have to figure out how to decorate it on the outside.

FI was a best man in a wedding last year and this is how they did it: Bride and DMs rode in the limo to the countryside chapel.  I took the groomsmen in my car.  The wedding party rode in the limo back downtown Louisville to go the reception location.  I drove in my car, got lost in the country side and couldn't contact any of the bridal party for help, called my mom pissed off and crying and she was able to calm me down, lol.  This is off-topic, but a funny story.   Earlier that day or day before, some of the bridal party took their cars to the reception location and left them there so that after the reception, they had their cars in the parking lot.

Good luck!
's  wedding
Buffalo, NY, USA
Mst limo places give you a fklat five hour charge, I was in the same situation as you, to pay 600 dollars for 5 hours when I only need to is crazy, we decided to rent 2 big trucks escalades or something like for 1 day saves us more than 450 dollars
nataliepink's Pink wedding
Ottawa, ON, Canada
We have a lot of out of town guests so we are providing a bus that will take them from the hotel to the ceremony, to the reception (which are all withing 15 minutes),  and then the bus will bring the guests back to the hotel at 11pm and 1 am...we don't want anyone to drink and drive! FH owns a limo for friends and personal use with his business partners, so we will be using that for the bridal party because we all want to be together! :)

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