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ok im going to have a candy buffet for the wedding and i was torn between having the satchets for the guest to put their candy in OR small 1/2 lb coffee bags with the fold over top????

thing is i have 150 withe and lavender satchets i found on clearance, and if i dont use them for the candy..... i cant think of anything i COULD use them for???

mrsbaxter2be's Pink wedding
 |  Winnipeg, MB, Canada  |  08/30/2008  | 
Use the sachets! They are cute and you already have them!
marta12's Blue wedding
 |  Chicago, IL, USA  |  08/30/2008  | 
See if you can sell them on ebay or craigs list if you can't use them. No sense to spend money on something people won't care about.
futuremrsr's Black wedding
 |  Thorofare, NJ, USA  |  08/30/2008  | 
I would use both if they are different sizes.  We are using bags and chinese take out containers (for those with a sweeter tooth)
natalie11's Chocolate wedding
 |  Fredericton, NB, Canada  |  09/25/2008  | 
I used paper bags for my candy buffet with a stamp on the front and ribbon on it.  I had herbal tea as a second favor, and tea bags would look really cute in the sachets.  I bought a bunch of differnt kinds of herbal tea, and it only cost me about $70 for 600 tea bags.  Just a thought if you still do not know what to do with the bags.
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