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Ok ladies i could really use some help!
I am trying to find Ivory Metallic 8 3/4 in. by whatever at least 1 1/2 in
envelopes for my save the dates?!?!?! i can not find them at a decent price anywhere. I know they are going to be more than regular ivory envelopes but i am willing to spend a little more just not an insane price!
goingtobemrsb's Black wedding
 |  Thunder bay, ON, Canada  |  07/23/2010  | 
Try this place    http://envelopemall.com/    they  have loads to choose from and do have metallics. I ordered my envelopes from there, and they were cheap and fast to ship too.
smwalla's Pink wedding
 |  Sequim, WA, USA  |  07/23/2010  | 
really i will check them again cause i saw some on there, but i thought it said 20 each envelope btu i may have read it wrong! thank you1
smwalla's Pink wedding
 |  Sequim, WA, USA  |  07/23/2010  | 
OMG!!! no i definitely read it wrong the shipping is a little much but worth it i got opal metallic envelopes for 30 bucks wohoo i can't wait till they get here and i pic up the save the dates next week!
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