Aug 22, 2010

I have another question for everyone... please girls any ideas or advice on this one would be really appreciated :)

I have recently re-connected with some friends from my past. One in particular has become very important to me. In the picture from left to right she is the 2nd one. The one with the blue jacket. I re-connected with her through facebook about 2 years ago. She came to my son's baby shower and it was the most amazing feeling to see her again. We had been freinds since we were about 5 or 6 years old and lost contact about 25 years ago. I want so bad to somehow add her into the wedding or at least recognize her in someway. Does anyone have an suggestions?

Also, the others in the photo are friends who I have re-connected with and are all invited to the wedding as well. The guy in the pic is also a friend from my childhood. The three of us grew up together. Last night we went to a JR high school reunion. It was so amazing to see everyone. There are 5 people from that time invited to the wedding and I'd love to recognize the entire table but The 2 from this picture especially.
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Red Ask a Question How to incorporate close friends into the day
's  wedding
Redmond, WA, USA
Just have them do readings :) If someone knows how to play an instrument or sing, have them do that at your reception ;)
purplenat1's Purple wedding
Lafayette, IN, USA
We included a close friend who couldn't be in the wedding party by having him do a reading at the ceremony.
If they offer, or are willing, include them in your planning. Ask them to help with your DIYs, or just ask for their opinions, like which invitation they like better from your top 3 choices.
meandmrmiles's Yellow wedding
Saint albert, AB, Canada
A friend of mine went to a wedding where the bride had 'Friends of Honor'. The ladies were not part  of the wedding party but still walked up the aisle with a single flower, before the parents and wedding party entrance(i think... whatever works). They wore They're own attire and were as any other guest, aside from the aisle walking. She had a large group of close girlfriends, and as we all know... The larger the wedding party, the larger the costs. Hope this helps!
laydeecadbury's Purple wedding
Banbury, Oxfordshire, United kingdom
I made a couple of my girlfriends who I'm really close to Usherettes, they aren't in the wedding party, but they'll be "my girls in charge" at the church - making sure everyone gets seated and has service programs etc, so they'll be involved but won't actually walk down the aisle. Or as the other ladies suggested you could get them to doing a reading.
tashasita's Purple wedding
Stoney creek, ON, Canada
You could ask them to do a reading, a speech, be a hostess, something like that. I like the friends of honour idea alot too. That is beautiful. Wish I had thought of that!
kittieswed's Purple wedding
New york, NY, USA
I have 2 friends that are very close but are not in the party, I asked them to be hostess and I include them on the wedding questions and task. They will be invited to the rehearsal dinner and get gifts like everyone else. Oh yeah and they are getting a corsage that day
sonlove2010's Green wedding
Union, NJ, USA
Definitely agree with the ladies. We are using two people during our ceremony: one to read a poem and the other to for our scripture reading. They were truly honored to be able to be apart of our special day. Also, if u have a rehearsal dinner, invite them there and honor them when u conduct your speeches of special thanks.

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