My ribbon wands
My ribbon wands

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Making ribbon wands for other brides?

Hello ladies.... .long time no talk! Well it's been 3 months since our "big day" and I'm still wishing I was in wedding planning mode. Although it was stressful at times, I truly miss it.

I have a question for all you lovely brides to be. I was considering making/selling ribbon wands like the ones I made for my wedding. They were on a 9 inch piece of dowling, with 10 pieces of ribbon (each piece was approx 15 inches long) and wrapped in ribbon like a candy stripe. I used just red and white for mine but I could do them in probably up to 3 colors. I could make them for about $2.50 each.

So my question is..... do you think i would be able to sell these? I do not have an esty shop because it is just a thought at this point but I would seriously love to make these for other brides. Our guests ranted about them. Some thought they were very unique and had never seen ribbon wands at weddings. I know that ribbon wands are becoming more popular though.

Any thoughts or suggestions (or orders, lol) would be appreciated!
Thanks again ladies........ HAPPY PLANNING!
damasklove's Black wedding
 |  Reynoldsburg, OH, USA  |  03/04/2011  | 
I would def order some!
bellebliss's Purple wedding
 |  Lemoore, CA, USA  |  03/04/2011  | 
im not too familiar with what ribbon wands are lol but i love ribbon :) so are they used in place of a bouquet? lol idk....
soconfused's Red wedding
 |  Oshawa, ON, Canada  |  03/05/2011  | 
Thanks damasklove.....soooo how many do you want, LOL (kidding)

@bellebliss.... Ribbon wands are used in place of confetti, bubbles or even sparklers. So many venues don't allow confetti because of the mess or sparklers because of fire regulations. Ribbon wands are a nice, no mess alternative. It looks great to see all your guests waving them as you exit the church or enter the reception. They are also a great souvenir type thing for your guests!
sparklette9713's Black wedding
 |  Oil city, PA, USA  |  03/05/2011  | 
I love the ribbon wands and think they look fantastic.
I know I personally would not purchase them from someone else as I'm rather crafty but I think brides that are looking to save time or are'nt  worried about the money would happily order them from you.
I love the ribbon wrapped down the dowel on yours. I have'nt seen that before and it looks super cute!
damasklove's Black wedding
 |  Reynoldsburg, OH, USA  |  03/05/2011  | 
I wonder if you could find Damask ribbon that small though :\
nursekc909's Black wedding
 |  Bloomington, CA, USA  |  03/06/2011  | 
these are so cute, if i decide to do ribbon wands ill def be hitting you up =)
nursekc909's Black wedding
 |  Bloomington, CA, USA  |  03/06/2011  | 
damasklove i think I seen some damask ribbons this small, aaaw cant remember where but I do recall seeing some and almost buying them for my centerpieces, if I see them again ill make sure to let you know =)
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