Aug 20, 2010

So they called yesterday to tell me that my dress is in!! Woo hoo, right?? WRONG. I don't know what's wrong with me but I was so not excited about it. They asked me if I want to schedule the fitting and my response was "no, not today. I'll check my schedule and let you know".... WHAT THE HELL KIND OF ANSWER WAS THAT????
What is wrong with me? I mean, I know I am still trying to lose weight and it's been kind of slooooww because we've both (my FH and I) gone way off track with the diet but I should still be excited about my fitting right?
I've been working on my ribbon wands, assembling the last few invitations, ordered the cellophane bags for our hot chocolate favors, went and picked out the style and colors of the tuxes etc so I know it's not the wedding I'm not excited about. It's just the idea of trying on my dress that I am feeling weird about. WHY?? I don't get it. I need to lose another 40 lbs at least by the wedding so I'm not feeling very good about myself. That's the only thing I can think of.

Has anyone else felt this way at any point in the planning?
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notabridezilla's Purple wedding
Redmond, WA, USA
no. I've always been excited... kinda scared about ordering my dress at first cuz i wanted to loose weight first. Bu i lost 20 pounds, and feel content :) Try and diet and then go for the fitting, maybe your not excited about it cuz you're not ready to order it :) Good luck
's  wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
nope i know i have to still loose about 35 lbs but im trying to stay positive i got my dress in the size I am now so if any thing later on I can just take it in but I loved teh way i felt and looked in the dress right now. I really do hope to loose the weight but we will see how that goes. Maybe you had a certain expectation and thats why u feeling a bit low.i know its hard body image is a major issue with alot of brides shoot with women in general, but you really need to focus on other parts that make you feel beautiful. Are you having other like your BMs or Moh come with you for the fitting? that could help themore support the better, choose a date and make a day out of it, not really sure what eles  to say but  really hope that feeling goes away and you start feeling more excicted :)
lequick's Green wedding
Austin, TX, USA
i'm feeling quite blah about my dress fitting as well. my dress fits perfectly, i just had to fix a mistake the designer made. however, i can't gain any weight or my dress won't fit...there's not even 5 lbs of wiggle room. i'm not on a strict diet but i do exercise regularly. i'm still paranoid. but you can't let that get to you. if you put too much pressure on yourself, you'll suck away all the joy that's associated with trying on your dress. give yourself a break and focus on the positive. everything will be ok :)
hannikay's Pink wedding
Melbourne, Andorra la vella, Australia
Aww sorry to hear this! Dieting is so hard to stick to, I know. I've just managed to get into the swing of it these last 3 weeks though and I'm feeling happier. Don't give up on the diet. Start being stricter again and you're only going to feel more positive and more positive! :D

A bride always looks beautiful btw, and you will not be an exception (hug). Go for your fitting and you might suprise yourself. ;)
soconfused's Red wedding
Scarborough, ON, Canada
Thanks everyone. I'm feeling a bit better but still not great. I was doing soooo good on the diet I was on and lost 17 lbs. I kind of went wacky with the diet and totally got off of it. I've gained 2 lbs back. Not bad I guess but I need to get myself back on track. We're going to th Ex this weekend (all you GTA brides know what the EX is like). It's impossible to go to the EX and be on a diet so we've decided that as of Monday it's full steam ahead. The week after that I'll go for my first official fitting. Cross my fingers!! I'm hoping that it'll be at least 1 size smaller than what was ordered. :)
I agree that I have to stay positive. NO more dumb negative posts and negative feelings. I'M GETTING MARRIED in 107 days, WOO HOO!!
's  wedding
Melbourne, Andorra la vella, Australia
That's the spirit.. you're on it girl.

107? SCREAMING!!!!
soconfused's Red wedding
Scarborough, ON, Canada
@ hannikay....what time is it there? Just curious?
hannikay's Pink wedding
Flowery gully, Sant julia de loria, Australia
Sorry I didn't see your post before. And not sure when you'll find this, lol.

But it's 8:30pm now, on Wednesday night. :)

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