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I am so thinking about wearing a red wedding dress... but i dont want to look prom-like!! Please give feedback!!
torrinelson's Purple wedding
 |  Sunnyvale, CA, USA  |  04/13/2011  | 
its definitely different but its what u want.When I watched Housewives of Atlanta and Cynthia had that dress on,it was beautiful.
lpharr's Yellow wedding
 |  Bridgeport, CT, USA  |  04/13/2011  | 
follow ur heart.. wht everyone else thinks doesn't matter : ) It's a nice dress
soon2bemrs2011's Red wedding
 |  York, PA, USA  |  04/14/2011  | 
Thanks ladies!!!!
jakubsphoto's  wedding
 |  Grafton, OH, USA  |  04/15/2011  | 
I think is great to break with tradition.  It's your wedding and if you feel best in a red dress then go for it!  I see your concern about it looking prom like, maybe try to play up the wedding aspect with your veil and bouquet.
kwepie117's Red wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  04/15/2011  | 
This is actually one of my favorite subjects, lol! My wedding dress is actually red and if you go on my page I have a picture of it posted. In the end, you have to wear what makes you happy! Go for it!
kwepie117's Red wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  04/16/2011  | 
I'm glad I was able to help you. It is your day so you should definitely go with the dress you want!
waitingfortheday's Black wedding
 |  USA  |  05/06/2011  | 
I think its beautiful and why not break tradition. I am in my wedding as I have had camo added to my dress. I think a weddig should be about you and who cares about tradition. You are not the millions of brides that get married out there you are your own unique bride and its your wedding! When I went shopping I found this gorgeous hot pink dress and I so would have bought it had they had it in my size lol......
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