Jun 16, 2009

I stalk blogs for inspiration :]

Some of my favorite sites to stalk...

for flowers...

WARNING: Can be very addicting! :]
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Blog Stalking Bride
tiggre99's Red wedding
Herndon, VA, USA
great----just what I needed---more things to distract me at work...thanks...thanks a lot!  :-)
bananapants's Green wedding
Minneapolis, MN, USA
I'm addicted to my google reader too!  :)

100 Layer Cake and Green Wedding Shoes are my favorites!  There's a few new ones on your list, I'll have to check them out!

I also like Wedding Chicks, The Bride's Cafe, Labor of Love's blog, and Oh So Beautiful Paper.
specialk2122's Purple wedding
Concord, CA, USA
I love a good wedding blog too........the editor of MS weddings has a pretty good blog. I'm going to totally check some of your faves out.:-)
sapphire2009's Blue wedding
Cary, NC, USA
haha. i totally stalk blogs. I have over 100 wedding blogs on my google reader & other than my WBC blog, I also have a blogspot one that I keep updated with stuff I find & wedding plans. I think it's safe to say I'm pretty much addicted to blogging.
sassybex's Pink wedding
Adelaide, Ordino, Australia
Hi my name is B. and I am a blog stalking addict.  * waves at room* ha :p

I love blags also I am always on the hunt for new inspirations and I even catch myself looking at other themes for other brides on WBC!
There are one or two in your list I will be checking! Thanks for sharing.

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