Sep 11, 2008

Another WBC bride mentioned something on one of my other posts about Honeyfund. I've looked at the website and it sounds great and best of all, it's free. But I am a little confused. Say my FH and I wanted to do an all-inclusive resort. When you book those, you are not really purchasing a bunch of separate items (i.e. hotels, airfare, food, etc). Everything is just in that final price. So if we registered for something like this, would we just kind of make up separate items on Honeyfund? Say if people wanted to contribute to our airfare, and our total airfare was $700, we could split it up into $100 increments and just say we want 7 of them? And my BIG question is, how exactly do we get the money? I know they have a paypal option which I am not even 100% sure how Paypal works and if someone could explain more of that to me, that would be great. If they used the Paypal option to pay for the gift, does that mean we get money in our Paypal account? I know it said they charge roughly a 3% fee (that is, Paypal charges a fee). And how would I retrieve that money from my Paypal account if I set one up? Also, say someone wanted to pay by cash/check, how does that work? Does that basically mean they say on the website that it's been purchased and then that guests comes to the wedding with cash/check for that amount? Are we just supposed to trust that the person brings that amount? I'm not trying to sound greedy haha. But say someone purchased 2 "airline" things (so $200 in my example), would they just print out the little certificate from the website then come to the wedding with either $200 cash or check? What if they said they were going to pay $200 on the website but end up coming with $100? I am just so confused as to how we get the money from the registry! And I need some Paypal explanation! If someone has used this and doesn't want to leave a huge comment, feel free to send me an email. Thanks! Sorry this was kind of long and probably confusing :-)
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Im not sure about the honeymoon fund but I do know how paypal works as I have a paypal account.

Basically when you open an account you add a credit card to it. When you are online buying various items then all you have to do is sign into your paypal account and it accesses your information instead of you having to disclose this information everytime you are online, it records it basically. If someone is paying you by paypal then you can receive the payments by email where you follow a link and it is credited to your credit card or whatever card you have on your paypal account.

So I am guessing when people pay for your honeymoon fund by paypal they still receive the goods they paid for, you wouldnt receive the money you would probably just receive a notification from the company to say that that has been paid for or you have received that item just you would with a bridal registry.

The website would probably keep a record of who paid for what and you can access this information. They wont have anything physical in their hands to hand you, they will receive a receipt of payment. Hope this has cleared this up a little!
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You could do something slightly different, but with the same idea to get money/cash to pay for it.

My hubbie-to-be's family is Chinese so they are really cool about giving cash - I was a little worried about asking for cash from some of the older members of my family (my friends were fine about it, as they have been in exactly the same position as me!)  so I've set up out list at I've chosen a bunch of cool 'wishes' for us, a lot to do on our honeymoon  (snorkeling, spa, dinner out) , and now my fam can 'buy' us those (& then we get the cash after the wedding, yay!).

Steves' family will still give us red packet / Hong Bao too which will be nice. Also, I'm pretty excited about not getting more stuff, I don't need any more wine glasses or sheets ;*)

I would consider Upon Our Star if you want something a little different!

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