Sep 21, 2009

I'm only 18 days away from the big day and I feel like I still have a million and one things to get done. I'm stressing!

I went to a friends wedding and reception last night and it was so so so beautiful. It appeared that everything was perfect. Don't feel that mine will be as nice. I'm stressing!

I ordered my veil on line and when I received it the color looks more white than ivory. I'm stressing!

This is just the tip of the iceburg and I'm tired of stressing.
Ladies, what do you do to unwind and help you to relieve some of the stress? Please help because I think I'm going to lose my mind! LOL
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amyblaire's Purple wedding
Kokstad, Canillo, South africa
Stress = overeating & pimples!

Remember that everything will come together, the little things that we tend to stress about usually fall into place!

Lock yourself in the bathroom, run a bubble bath & light some candles, and just have some me-time! you deserve it!

And despite this stress, everything is gonna look beautiful!
brandina's Black wedding
Fremont, CA, USA
I make lists of the items I have left to do and when I'm feeling like I'm about to drown in all the items I have left I pick three easy small tasks and spend time working on them. Then you are occupied with a task, you feel like you accomplished something and it is always the little stuff that gets forgotten. Or I drink  :o)
bugchick0's Purple wedding
Newport news, VA, USA
You need to buckle down!  18 days will be gone before you know it.  make a list of everything that you have left to do, and prioritize it.  Put a due date for each item.  Then delegate as much as you can, by asking family, friends, FH, co-workers, whoever... to do things for you.  You will feel a lot better knowing that it is all getting done!

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