Apr 14, 2009

Has anyone seen the Cricut? This is the neatest little thing...but the $300-400 price tag is not! lol

I was up early one morning...and i mean early...and the infomercial for this thing was on. It is the coolest craft thing I have ever seen.

I was wondering if any of you ladies on here has this. I was looking n Etsy for the 'Here Comes the Bride' banner and they just want way too much for a little banner. And for the bigger one...its even more (duh i know lol). And sitting here bored at work was thinking that this would be a great machine to make my own...if I owned one lol

Does anyone have this little thing OR is it possible someone could make my banner for me for a lesser price that Etsy is asking?
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Pink DIY Wedding A CRICUT!?!?!
tiggre99's Red wedding
Herndon, VA, USA
my sister was just talking about this, this weekend. lol  wal-mart has them for a lesser price...unfortunately the coupons for michael's or ac moore don't usually work with that machine.
mauibride's Black wedding
Honolulu, HI, USA
I have one and I love it, send me a picture of what you want and I will see if I can figure out how to do it.
mkokos's Green wedding
Eugene, OR, USA
I have one. let me know...
's  wedding
Montclair, NJ, USA
I saw this on TV too and was memorized it looked awesome. But I fear that I will buy  this and like the exercise bike, elliptical machine and really everything else that I see on infomercials will end up covered in dust under the bed, never to see daylight again
's  wedding
Ann arbor, MI, USA
i have one ... got it for christmas... and i absolutely love it. it is easy to use.. and endless amounts of things you can do with it.  the only down fall.. you have to buy catridges which can get quite expensive. i found a website that they are all listed at 29.99 though.  so its an expensive hobby.. but if you already spend money on stickers and stuff.. then you'll save money in the end. its so much fun and definitely brings out your crafty side!
savillon's Pink wedding
Del valle, TX, USA
nope but I love gadgets!!!!

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