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28 weeks pregnant
28 weeks pregnant
It's been a long time!
Hello ladies! Clearly this post will have nothing to do with the wedding seeing as how it's long over.. kind of makes me sad. I totally miss planning it. Anywho, just thought I'd give you all an update on everything else! I have just under 10 weeks to go in my pregnancy and I'm starting to get really nervous. It's just as hard and stressful to plan for a newborn as it is to plan a wedding. There are so many little things that you need that you didn't know of.

Right now I'm seeing midwifes and I'm not very happy with them so I'm looking to switch over to an OB/GYN. We found out we are having a baby girl! We are going to name her Layla. We don't have a middle name picked out yet but are thinking of going with Layla Marie. It's both my grandmothers and mothers middle names. We have the whole babies room put together, painted, everything! I've had it done for quite a while now because I'm a freak and need to have everything done in advance just like I had to with the wedding lol

That's basically all I've got for now.. Not much has happened since the wedding except planning for the little one! I'll keep ya all posted :)
Jen and Al
Jen and Al
Hello ladies! Just thought i'd give a quick hello before I run out the door! Everything went absolutely amazing. A couple of days before the wedding I had some issues with the decorations but they were quickly fixed and everything turned out perfectly afterwards. My cake looked exactly like the picture I gave her, the flowers were perfect.. everything ran very smoothly. The only problem we had was that there wasn't any table numbers on the tables but that was quickly resolved!! I'll add some pictures when I have a chance!!
Signing off!
Rehearsal tonight, married tomorrow :)
Well ladies, it's been a good trip. Thank you so much for all of your help and ideas during the process of planning the wedding. It's only 8am here and I've cried twice already. I can't wait until it's over and we can start our lives together.

It's funny how the website says it's my wedding today.. lol definitely not. Unless the date is messed up somewhere. Oh well!

Well.. I guess it's time to go and finish tidying up the house for the guys tomorrow, then get packed and then bring everything over to the hotel room where the girls and I will be staying tonight. Thanks again to everybody, especially IrishPocahontas who helped me TONS and answered all of my questions and concerns and was always there to pick me up!

I'll post pictures as soon as I can ladies! Love you all and good luck!
10 days
10 days
10 days!
OLA!!! Apparently I am spanish today. Ok, WOW. So... I'm trying not to freak out but well.. it's hard not to when your big day is only 10 days away!! I'm still pastie like a ghost so I desperately need to tan a wee bit, still have to do up the place cards.. I'm about to do my side of the guests and then will do up Al's side later on because he's a dumb dumb and didn't write out the last names of the people lol, I need to print out the readings, make a master list of the seating so that his sisters can sit people in case they get lost and can't find the table... I'm lost. It's all little things that need to be done but it's the annoying little things that drive you crazy!!

I don't know how much more I'll be on before the wedding seeing as how I still have a couple more shifts to do and then I'll be going nuts getting everything ready. I'll try my hardest though!
10 days
Kyra making the favors for the guests
Kyra making the favors for the guests
Kyra and I decorating
mmm brownie pops
rice krispie hearts :)
finished product
me posing lol.. we played pin the tassles on the boobies
Shannon making the tassles
Shan showing us how it works haha
The signature drink I could not have which is my very favorite!
Sitting on the couch waiting to eat
Our spread
The guests
The cake and I!
Mom thinks somethings funny...
Real funny...
Cake maker!
Shannon being a knob..
Time to play!
Mom looking clueless
The other FSIL
Life would be boring without this girl lol
Gift time
Getting tired of pictures
mmm spaaaaaaa
My mother but me the most revealing thing lol
Kyra making the favors for the guestsKyra and I decoratingmmm brownie popsrice krispie hearts :)finished productme posing lol.. we played pin the tassles on the boobiesShannon making the tasslesShan showing us how it works hahaThe signature drink I could not have which is my very favorite!Sitting on the couch waiting to eatOur spreadThe guestsCAKE!The cake and I!Mom thinks somethings funny...Real funny...Cake maker!Shannon being a knob..Time to play!Mom looking cluelessMy FMILPink Bridal Shower PicturesThe other FSILLife would be boring without this girl lolGift timePink Bridal Shower PicturesPink Bridal Shower PicturesGetting tired of picturesmmm spaaaaaaaPink Bridal Shower PicturesMy mother but me the most revealing thing lolPink Bridal Shower Pictures
Bridal Shower
Here are the pictures of the bridal shower that I promised to post forever ago but completely forgot! Better late than never :P
Rougly around 6 weeks
Rougly around 6 weeks
Close to 12
Belly is growing fast
Rougly around 6 weeksClose to 12Belly is growing fast
The Belly is Starting to grow!
Close to the 3 month mark!
Hello ladies,

Thought I'd post some pics of the belly that is slowly starting to grow! I'm getting excited! I wish I could feel it move right now :( I'll upload a couple that I have taken.

Ps Keep in mind that I have the Diaries of a Chubby Chick blog on here for a reason lol
The box
The box
The boxPink Guest book is in :) Made by my photographerPink Guest book is in :) Made by my photographerPink Guest book is in :) Made by my photographerPink Guest book is in :) Made by my photographerPink Guest book is in :) Made by my photographerPink Guest book is in :) Made by my photographer
Guest book is in :)
Made by my photographer
It's totally cute and I'm glad that we went with it. I've never seen anything like this done at any other wedding that I had been to before. And it's super cool because everybody at the wedding gets a chance to see our engagement photos now! The pages are black though instead of white so I have to go out and buy a colored felt tip pen and they will sign around the pictures.
Ceremony Music
Finally have somebody!
The last couple of days have been pretty stressful. We had been putting off the ceremony music for quite a while.. and it came back to nip us in the butt. The priest gave us the name of the lady who normally plays the organ at the church. When we finally decided to call her it kind of stressed me out. Unfortunately they day of our wedding also happens to be the same day as her nieces wedding. So needless to say she was quickly out!

There had been a group of ladies that my friend Tana told me about (she gets married 3 weeks after Al and I). I looked them up online and quickly fell in love with them. I wasn't looking for anybody to sing, which they do not, and just somebody to play relaxing, calming, classical music. They play the cello, violin and flute and sound absolutely amazing. I had emailed them probably about a month ago and didn't get a response. I just figured that they were really busy but because of the rut that we were in I caved in and called them. I don't like to call businesses, especially after I emailed them but boy am I glad I did. They usually get booked years in advance so I was kind of worried when I called. Thank god they had an opening! I booked them right away. The only issue, I had to verify that all of the music that they would be playing would be catholic church appropriate. Thank god the priest had seen them before and knew the type of music they played. Another little downside was the price; $375 for about 2 hours of music. It is a lot of music but I think it will totally be worth it.

If anybody in Thunder Bay is looking for somebody to play at the ceremony check these ladies out. You can even listen to the music on their website so you can see exactly what they will be playing and you also get to pick all or some of the songs, depending on if you care what is played or not. The name of the group is women in black and their website is
Al and I
Al and I
Diaries of a Pregnant Chubby chick!
YAY! NAME CHANGE :D I officially have a reason to be chubby hahaha. Well ladies, I am officially 11 weeks today I believe. My FH and I are so excited that we are pregnant. It has definitely brought us closer together during this stressful time in our lives (Planning the wedding). I've been for 2 appointments with my midwife so far. The first visit was just to meet the midwifes and the second was to go over some history about my family and I and to do some tests. I actually got to hear the heart beat for the first time. It was the most amazing thing in the whole world. It made my whole day and now really want to go out and buy a doppler so I can listen to the heart beat whenever. Unfortunately, the take home dopplers apparently suck butt so we're not going to bother. This week I have to go in for some blood tests and also book in for my first (But not really first... I'll tell you in a second) ultrasound to figure out how far along I am. My first ultrasound was when I was almost 6 weeks pregnant. I was having some spotting and some cramping while I was at work one night so my FH and I went to the hospital to make sure that everything was okay. I didn't get to see anything during the ultrasound unfortunately because she had me pushed up so far on the bed and was hiding the screen from me because she apparently wasn't allowed to tell me anything. Oh, and then after all of that stuff at the hospital I was apparently supposed to go in for a second ultrasound 2 weeks later but the doctor apparently forgot to tell me that. I found out because my midwife pulled up my file from when I went in to Emerg. Stupid city hospital. Unfortunately there is only one here in town too now... ohhhhhhhh well!

A lot has changed since we found out. My body is changing, our relationship is changing.. it's bringing us closer together plus closer to friends that already have children that we never really spoke to before. I'm already so filled with love.. Just thinking about the baby makes me tear up. I've wanted a child for so long and finally get what I want! It's almost as if it was meant to be!

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