Again, all paid for! Here's a run down of what this is costing me.. Keep in mind this was an email from my decorator ages ago when my color was still purple. She's the sweetest lady in the world and although I added more things to the list of what i wanted she didn't charge me anymore!

Square vases x 19 for table centrepieces $95.00

Square votive holders 4 x 19 tables $45.60

Berry runners x 19 $95.00

Chaircovers with berry bow x 150 $450.00

Fabric backdrop behind head table with berry and light pink along the top and uplit with spotlights $200.00

Head table, cake table and guest book table decorated in a way to be determined later. $200.00

Uplights to be placed around the room in the darker corners.

>>> Subtotal $1180.00
>>> PST $94.44
>>> GST $59.00
>>> Total $1333.44

The picture is what my head table is going to look like with the spot lights and everything. I think the bows and table cloths are actually going to be a different color though.
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Head Table
What a relief! It feels so amazing to actually starting paying stuff off! After the shag we banked all of our cash right away. His mom and step dad gave us $5000 to use towards the wedding as an early gift to help us out. In total we had over $10,000 in the bank.. the most money I have EVER seen in my bank account and it will CLEARLY be the last time lol.

Anyways, I started calling people up right away and are starting to get them all paid off! Here's a break down of what my flowers are costing me...

Tossing Bouquet: $30.00 (to look similar to the bridesmaids bouquets)

Bride (hot pink roses, light pink cymbidium orchids, 'bling' provided by you if you find some, sz between lrg and xlrg, no beargrass right?): $200

4 Bridesmaids (all light pink titanic roses, med size, wrapped in the medium bronze color ribbon): $40ea. x 4 = $160

Family Corsages (white dendrobium orchids and beargrass): 4 x $9.99 = $39.96

Groom (Pink Cymbidium Orchid with beargrass, spiral at the bottom): $14.99

Groomsmen (light pink titanic rose and beargrass, wrap bottoms with bronze color and spiral to the side at the bottom): 4? x $9.99 = $39.96

Centerpieces (maggies cylendar vases with 2 stems white dendrobium orchids and hot pink wire, similar to the yellow orchids picture you sent me): $15ea. x 25 = $375

Deliveries/Set Up: $20
SUB TOTAL: $879.91
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My fave :)
Well, apparently I seem to only write in here like once a month! Well ladies... We're now under the 100 day mark.. And I'm kind of freaking but not because I'm behind but because I've done everything so I have nothing to do! As you all know that my shag was on the 21st of last month. We ended up making 3200 in the end after everything was paid for. I was hoping for more but that was as good as it was going to get considering there were 2 other shags that night, a curling bonspiel and a concert at one of the local bars. And with Thunder Bay being such a small city it's hard to fill up halls if there are other things going on. We had exactly 296 people in the hall but the max capacity was 550. I had a pretty horrible night. I was rushed and the times were changed on us for when we could get into the hall to set up which completely through my whole day off. We were supposed to get in at 2 to set up tables and get the prizes and booze in but because everything was set up from the night before (tables and chairs) we weren't allowed in until 6 that evening when the shag started at 8. I had my whole day planned to be lazy until 1, load the car up, drive everything there and set up everything, go home for like 5ish, shower and then get ready and be there for 7:30. UGH, it was horrible trying to get everything set up while in a dress and heels.

I was so stressed out all night watching the door waiting for people to come in. My friend had a shag a couple of weeks ago and the place was packed by 9 so when it was still dead at 10 I started to really panic. Al told me to chill, have a couple of drinks and just go dance and have a good time and he would take care of everything so I tried to do exactly that but couldn't. I had a fever and a really bad headache and only ended up having two shots and 2 drinks. Obviously, it did nothing for me. I ended up having a drink spilt down my back from a very drunk friend.. That topped off the night. I was done after that. I was so mad and didn't even care anymore. Then after everything was done the guys started screwing around in the hall, one of my bridesmaids got kind of pissed and was like are you sure you really want to have an after party at your place with these people when all they are doing is throwing stuff around and being jackasses and I was like well, what they do here and what is actually going to happen at my house is two totally different things because they have more respect for us then that. Well, she took it the wrong way and thought I was being a bitch and freaked out, went to my friend Kym who is her room mate who happens to be my bestfriend and maid of honor and spazzed out on her. Made Kym cry and left in a rage... basically to end the night we dropped some people off (me Kym and my friend Sean who is the other bridesmaids ex boyfriend) and then went back to my place for the after party. We got to my house at around 3:30 after dropping friends off and waiting in line at McDonalds for like a half hour.. Me and Kym stayed upstairs and counted the money, everybody left finally at around 4. Kym and I hung out in the livingroom for a bit just talking about the night and then finally decided to drive her home for 4:30. As I was going to put my boots on my lost my footing and fell backwards down my basement stairs. It's been almost a month and my left leg and knee are still killing me. I haven't seen a doctor because I didn't think it was serious but now I'm thinking I should.. So that's basically how my shag went lol..

Hmmm... you know what? I'm going to actually do a bunch of different blogs to get caught up because I have so many different things to talk about that I don't want to write this HUGE blog lol
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Pink I'm a horrible person lol Or should I say.. blogger? Update!
Have you ladies noticed how lazy you have gotten over the past couple of months while trying to plan all of this stuff? Honestly, I am completely warn out. All I want to do is sleep. I can't think, eat or do anything normal right now! I think I'm just stressing myself out too much.

I DEFINITELY have not been going to the gym. I've gone ONCE in 2 months lol. I was losing weight until I had a break down one night and went straight for the junk food. I haven't been able to put it down since.

My job is going even better than expected! I've been there since september and am loving the crap out of it. Caryl Baker just recently introduced teeth whitening and it has been amazing for the company. It has brought in a lot more clients.. especially more men! I did my teeth for training and ended up going 6 shades lighter! AWESOME! ANNDDDDD then I had a client come in and do it last weekend and went 14 shades lighter! How amazing is that? Honestly ladies (Canadian ladies that is) if you are anywhere near a Caryl Baker check it out. It's honestly worth your money, is fast and will not cause any damage whatsoever to your teeth! Completely safe! Check it out! The name of the product is Bleach Bright!

Hmm.. well as you can see we did our marriage course. It was awesome! Met a lot of great people and got to learn a lot of stuff about each other. I got frustrated only once.. and told him I was going to stab him in the eye with a pen lol. BUT, we're good now!

The only new thing I can tell ya is I dyed my hair pink and orange. Yep, I'm an idiot! We definitely have our engagement photos this sunday and I'm going to have super bright hair hahaha OH WELL!
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Bright Hair.. not the best pic
So I was so nervous to do these darn classes and they ended up being amazing. We spent the whole weekend together learning things about each other that we hadn't yet had a chance to talk about. Things like our dreams and aspirations for when we have a family or our goals.. Just little things like that. One of the leaders got a good kick out of us because we were very vocal lol. We expressed EVERYTHING haha.. well I did! Anyways, heres a new picture of the two of us taken 2 weeks ago. It's not the best picture because I took a picture of a picture because I don't know how to work my scanner lol
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Pink Marriage course It went well!!
Wow, I haven't even had time to think let alone blog. I'm just letting you all know, for those who keep tabs, that yes, I'm alive and still kicking just VERY busy. As I said a while back we are having a shag this month. It's a stag and doe or whatever else you people call it. It's on the 21st so I've been busy planning it. It's a lot of work for just one night... nobody wants to donate any prizes whatsoever.

Anyways, i just wanted to come up and tell all of ya whats been going on and where the hell i've been! I'll post pictures of the event after it happens. Wish us luck!
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So I had my heart set on ONLY getting a veil until today when I had everything put on at the bridal store. The girls wanted to see the full package so they made me try everything on including the veil. When I walked upstairs I noticed this tiara sitting on the table. Normally I'm not attracted to them at all.... I usually think people look way too princessy in them. I told the ladies at the bridal store that I was going for bride, not barbie or princess. Well, my thoughts changed as SOON as I put this one on. Again, normally I think the head piece and veil is too much together.. but I fell in love with them lol. I didn't get a very good picture.. just of the tiara itself because I was in a rush to get to an appointment. What do you think of the tiara? Especially if I want to do my hair sort of half up/half down...
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The girls and I went into the dress shop for them to get sized. We didn't have a dress picked out until today. I've been looking at dresses for them for a really long time and could NEVER decide on one. So, today when we were all together I got them to try on a few of the ones that I really liked from Alfred Angelo and we finally came to a decision on this one. It looked so good on them! We ordered them in in Espresso.. I can't wait to see them!

Oh... the girl in the dress is my bridesmaid Shannon :)
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Pink Bridesmaids Sized and being ordered :)
Pink Bridesmaids Sized and being ordered :)
I'm totally obsessed.. please stop me now ladies. There are challenges apparently every month on the website.. I found the most recent challenge and thought i'd give it a try. The person that you were supposed to try to resemble is Pam Anderson.. well her makeup anyways. The makeup in her picture is pink but in the diagram it's actually copper colors so I screwed around with it. It's kind of a smokey copper/brown eye but instead of it being darker on the outside of the eyes they keep it in the inside corner. Keep in mind too that I only have Caryl Baker makeup so I'm kind of limited haha And I was too lazy to go upstairs to get lipgloss lol And the lighting is bad.. yes, they are excuses
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I totally love this look and am thinking of doing it for myself. I love her hair as well.. and her tattoos.. I think I just want to be her! She's beautiful!
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Gorgeous! <3