Here is the only wedding makeup video that she has on the site as of yet. I think it is a perfect look for you ladies who are looking for a more subtle look. I wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis because I work in a cosmetics salon so I'm going to have to step it up a wee bit. I really like a dramatic eye but because I normally do that I'm thinking I might do a brighter lip for the ceremony and then for the reception I think I'm going to change my eyes. Luckily one of my bridesmaids actually works in the salon with me so I can get her to change it up for me! haha I haven't decided if I actually wanted to do that yet or not.

Anyways, enjoy the videos :)

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Pink Wedding Makeup from
Here are a couple pictures of what I'm looking for for the big day. I know that I want it sort of half up and half down. I don't want it all up because I feel like I have a hunch back (I have very bad posture lol) I'm thinking of getting extensions.. I have a picture of my hair now what it looks like when it's semi-curly. Tell me if you think it's long enough.
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Love even though it's all down
Sexy but may bee too much bangs
A little bit too curly for me
Me with curly hair
Ever feel like there should be something you are doing for the wedding when in reality, there isn't? I come online every night just to go through other peoples blogs to see if there is anything I'm missing that I can do right now. The only thing I should really be working on is my guest list. But, I want to do more. I NEED to do more. I like to plan things in advance.. if there's a chance to do something, I take it. But lately I can't find anything to do! lol Maybe I'm just overly obsessed with wedding planning that it's all I think about.
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Blah.. what to do?
Hey ladies! As you know, if you read my blog, I work in a cosmetics store so I'm hardcore into make up and skin care. I found a website a couple of months ago which I have used to help me create the makeup effects that I want to do for work or going out. I figured that it could also help you ladies out that are trying to look for a way to do your makeup for your big day. She has a lot of tutorials to help you do it yourself if you planned on doing your makeup on your own. She's helped me a lot with how to apply everything properly. Check it out!

She is absolutely amazing!
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She's a goddess!
How many of you ladies are completely obsessed with the twilight series? I am so in love with Edward Cullen. I ACTUALLY dream about him! HAHAHA the only thing we ever talk about (me, my friends and coworkers) is the series. I've seen the movie three times already and complain about how I need to see it again. Funny how during the third time watching it I noticed little things that I didn't see the first two times. I actually plan on going to see it again this Wednesday when my friend comes up to Thunder Bay. I haven't stopped talking about it so she finally gave in to watching it.

Anybody reading the books!? I first saw the movie and then decided that I wanted to read the first book (Twilight) thinking that I would hate it and never want to continue on with the others. Boy, was I wrong. I love Edward so much more in the book than I do in the film. He's more loving towards Bella.

Newmoon was a pretty good book! I absolutely love Jacob Black even though he is a little guy. I won't go into details just in case you ladies are in the middle of readin.

Eclipse, WOW. I can't wait until they make the film!

I'm just starting Breaking Dawn. Actually just bought the book today. I'm scared to read it because I know that after this... theres nothing else! How dare she only make four books. They are so good that I've read them in no time. I won't know what to do with myself when I'm done reading them!

OH!! APPARENTLY, Twilight was remade in Edward's point of view! I'm going to search for it. It hasn't been published but has leaked out onto the internet. My friend told me about it. I want to find it so badly. I hope she publishes it!

If anybody wants to talk Twilight, Edward, Jacob, Jasper or Emmett with me, feel free to message! hahaha I need somebody to talk to about the books because nobody is caught up to me yet here!
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Pink Totally NWR.. But I had to..
Pink Totally NWR.. But I had to..
Pink Totally NWR.. But I had to..
Pink Totally NWR.. But I had to..
Pink Totally NWR.. But I had to..
Hey ladies! Yes, I'm blogging again. I just keep on going today!! Anywho, questionnnnnnn!! I don't have the slightest clue wtf to get my girls. I have these things already picked out for them (I don't want to say what it is just in case they read this) and that's it. I don't know how much to spend or what you would even buy? I can't buy one of the girls makeup because we both work in a makeup store. I was going to buy some Victoria Secret body stuff but wasn't really too keen on the idea. What are you getting your girls?
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Bridesmaid gifts
This is what we have picked out so far for the music:

First Dance - You and I (Michael Buble)
Father/Daughter Dance - Cinderella (Steven Curtis Chapman)
Mother/Son Dance - A Song For Mama (Boys II Men)
Entrance Song - Ever Ever After (Carrie Underwood)
Cake Cutting Song -
Getting the Garter- I Touch Myself (Divinyls)
Garter Toss Song- I Want Your Sex (George Michael)
Flower Throwing Song -
Last Dance -

Honestly, do people even play a song during the cake cutting? I don't even pay attention to what's being played during the flowering throwing because I'm too busy pushing bitches out of my way for those damn flowers. AND, I didn't know anything about a "last dance" song. My friend made the list for me on our facebook group that we made. When I saw that I was pretty lost. Any ideas?
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Pink Wedding Reception The music
YAY FOR ME!! I finally feel like I have accomplished something! hahaahaha. So today the plan was to go to Michael's to buy paper to make invitations seeing as how I finally figured out how to change the font on my stupid printing program. Once we got there and he realized how expensive the paper really was (even though I warned him in advance) he took off to find the prepackaged ones. Every time we have gone in there to look at invitations we could never agree on anything. The only thing that was set in stone was that we were not to go over $500 for invites because we both agreed that it was a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a piece of paper that's just going to end up in the trash anyways by most in the end. So anyways, we take off to the "wedding" aisle and came across these invites that had never been there before. They weren't exactly what I wanted for invites but they will do. They are pink and are floralish.. which is cool I guess. I think I got to the point where I just didn't care anymore. There are more important things that I need to worry about other than stupid invites. So we picked up 3 packs of invites, 3 packs of thank you cards, 4 place card packs and 3 boxes of favor boxes for the low low price of... DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN $345!!!! How amazing is that? The stupid invites were on for 30% off. I was like hmmm if I seriously turn this down then I'm a retard. So, we hoped on the DIY bandwagon and purchased these puppies. Yes, they are already put together because I'm that crazy about this stuff. Once I start something, it needs to get done. I even started putting together the favor boxes haha I have 50 done so far :P
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Image from the box
Printing them out
First one printed!
Another view of our names this time :D <3
The box they came in
My favor boxes :D
Thank you cards
Place Cards
The whole lot
The stack of invites to be put in envelopes.. oh dear
The response card... those were a friggin' pain and a half!
Kym helping me put together the invites.. she wasn't happy about me taking pictures haha
The finished product.  They turned out better then I though :)
I seriously do not know where to look for good invitations. Etsy has not helped me.. everybody tells me to go there but I can't find anything I like. I want damask, obviously. But everything is WAYYYY too over priced. Maybe I just have very high expectations and need to learn to chillax a bit. Anybody have any ideas... any good websites?
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Jan 16, 2009

Yep, they've changed again. I got my best friend to try the other one on today at the boutique and it was HORRIBLE. It just didn't suit her body type. And I love the shape of her body.. so if I looked bad on her then I KNEW it would look even worse on the other girls. So we decided on something similar to it but it doesn't hug the body as much and doesn't have as much of a sweet heart neckline. I really wanted something that would look good on all of them. I didn't want to make any of them feel uncomfortable at all.

The girls go for their fittings on the 22nd. It'll be the first time that we have all gotten together!! I'm so excited and I plan on taking lotsa pics!!
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Pink Bridesmaids Dresses