Mar 20, 2010

Pink is my fav color so naturally pink is part of the vision. I am getting married in February so I don't want it to be overpowering with pink so I have choosen to use it as an accent color among my other fav colors (black and white). I love the Damask pattern, which I have seen many WBC brides using but have not seen in weddings around here. Ooh ya there is going to be a lot of bling, what girl does't like bling? Lol.
I am Portuguese and my FH is Cambodian, so we having a huge wedding, spare no expense "feel" to the wedding BUT that definately not happening. We are sticking to a budget, so far so good, but I hope the guest list stays within the 150 people mark.
I get more and more excited each and everyday of the wedding planning, there are always new and exciting ideas, I just hope I don't change my mind a million times before the wedding (already happened about 100 times). I have so many things to blog about but I am going to limit myself to ONE, maybe TWO a day. Lol.
PS thanks to all the WBC brides for all their inspiration
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Damask, Black, White and Pink
AND lots of Bling
kristinf100's Black wedding
Nashua, NH, USA
Those are my colors also..what are you doing for centerpieces? What other ways are you included the black white and pink with the bling?
soon2bmrsseang's Pink wedding
London, ON, Canada
I haven't finalized centerpieces but I was thinking a tall vase with pink submerged roses with bling on the bottom. I have a friend that is a decorator and she will be decorating the hall with beaded bling at the head table. Its still all only starting to come together but I will keep you posted.

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