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I am having the hardest time finding an AFFORDABLE photojournalistic photographer. I need to find one ASAP. Is anyone else having this issue?

I already have a videographer, which I know was a blessing from God b/c he is hooking me up! Now, if I could only find a photographer to follow suit.

porcelainbride's Green wedding
 |  Cary, NC, USA  |  07/31/2008  | 
I found my photographer for my engagement photos (and maybe for the wedding) on Craigslist. She's only $500 for 8 hours of coverage, a DVD of all the photos, I retain all rights & permissions & an online slideshow. She's only charging me $50 for gas to travel to richmond for our wedding, and then any prints I want after the package deal is extra too. Much, MUCH more reasonable than anyone else I've seen!
princessofdenial's Blue wedding
 |  Toledo, OH, USA  |  07/31/2008  | 
I'm also looking for an affordable photojournalistic style photographer. They are pricey b/c it's a harder style to learn and perfect then basic posed photography. We have come to the conclusion that we will pay more for the photographer then anything else b/c it is all we will have left once the day is over.
nikkchikk's Pink wedding
 |  Las vegas, NV, USA  |  07/31/2008  | 
What I did was google "wedding photographer St. Louis" and it brought up a long list of them in my area. I went through ALL of their photo galleries and blogs and over the next few months, I just kept going over my favorites. I finally ended up with THE BEST phtojournalistic style phtographer. Her name is Kelly Park. SHE ROCKS. I am a photojournalistic stlye junkie too. I hate poses. You just have to go through the galleries, and most importantly, their BLOGS. You can see their most up to date stuff.

nikkchikk's Pink wedding
 |  Las vegas, NV, USA  |  07/31/2008  | 
Oh, I forgot to include...Ours is only goning to be 2500...with an assistant photog...I know AWESOME!!! Just keep looking...
gemasa7's Chocolate wedding
 |  Winston salem, NC, USA  |  08/01/2008  | 
Im having the same issue....all of this guys charge you an eye!
amcs76's Green wedding
 |  Whitby, ON, Canada  |  08/05/2008  | 
Not entirely sure how much you mean by affordable, but here are a few photographers in ft.lauderdale that seem to have somewhat reasonable prices:

Danny Steyn

Ana Creatives

Tony Schreiber

Real Life Image ($1,000 and up)

Illusion photo (starts at $495)

Adept photography (starts at $1495)

Shamrock Photo

My Photo FL

Amber Sycz $200/hour, gorgeous portfolio

My Perfect Day Media

Hope that helps you out. Check Craigslist, a lot of reasonable photographers post on there.
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