Jul 31, 2008


I am having the hardest time finding an AFFORDABLE photojournalistic photographer. I need to find one ASAP. Is anyone else having this issue?

I already have a videographer, which I know was a blessing from God b/c he is hooking me up! Now, if I could only find a photographer to follow suit.

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porcelainbride's Green wedding
Cary, NC, USA
I found my photographer for my engagement photos (and maybe for the wedding) on Craigslist. She's only $500 for 8 hours of coverage, a DVD of all the photos, I retain all rights & permissions & an online slideshow. She's only charging me $50 for gas to travel to richmond for our wedding, and then any prints I want after the package deal is extra too. Much, MUCH more reasonable than anyone else I've seen!
princessofdenial's Blue wedding
Toledo, OH, USA
I'm also looking for an affordable photojournalistic style photographer. They are pricey b/c it's a harder style to learn and perfect then basic posed photography. We have come to the conclusion that we will pay more for the photographer then anything else b/c it is all we will have left once the day is over.
nikkchikk's Pink wedding
Las vegas, NV, USA
What I did was google "wedding photographer St. Louis" and it brought up a long list of them in my area. I went through ALL of their photo galleries and blogs and over the next few months, I just kept going over my favorites. I finally ended up with THE BEST phtojournalistic style phtographer. Her name is Kelly Park. SHE ROCKS. I am a photojournalistic stlye junkie too. I hate poses. You just have to go through the galleries, and most importantly, their BLOGS. You can see their most up to date stuff.

nikkchikk's Pink wedding
Las vegas, NV, USA
Oh, I forgot to include...Ours is only goning to be 2500...with an assistant photog...I know AWESOME!!! Just keep looking...
gemasa7's Chocolate wedding
Winston salem, NC, USA
Im having the same issue....all of this guys charge you an eye!
amcs76's Green wedding
Whitby, ON, Canada
Not entirely sure how much you mean by affordable, but here are a few photographers in ft.lauderdale that seem to have somewhat reasonable prices:

Danny Steyn

Ana Creatives

Tony Schreiber

Real Life Image ($1,000 and up)

Illusion photo (starts at $495)

Adept photography (starts at $1495)

Shamrock Photo

My Photo FL

Amber Sycz $200/hour, gorgeous portfolio

My Perfect Day Media

Hope that helps you out. Check Craigslist, a lot of reasonable photographers post on there.

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