Oct 1, 2008

After getting married, I'll be relocating to Michigan.

My family lives in California and Arizona.

Since they will have to travel so far to attend my reception, I figured that having welcome gift bags for them would be a way to say thank you and is a nice gesture.

I'm unsure what to put inside of these gift bags though.

Have any ideas?????

Something practical that they can use.

Thanks ladies!!!!!!
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Black Ask a Question Gift Bags for Out of Town Guests????
pearaholic's Black wedding
Calgary, AB, Canada
I went to an out of town wedding and loved the in-room welcome baskets so much that I'm doing similar ones.  They included little bags of dried fruit, jellybeans, nuts and chocolate for snacks.  They also had a bottle of wine that the groom's family had made and a bottle opener engraved with their wedding date and names.  I don't know if I'm going to be quite as extravagant, but I definitely want to include bottles of water, some little snacks (buy bulk and then repackage with bags from the dollar store!) and maps of the area with a schedule of activities over the course of the weekend.  I'm also thinking of including a little something like soap or candles for people to use to make their hotel room a little homier (or they can always take them home as gifts!).
futuremrscosby's Chocolate wedding
Philadelphia, PA, USA
You can also add little things that represent that city were the wedding is being held.  For example Phila, PA is known for their tasty cakes, peanut chews, and handover brand snacks.  Philly is also known for the liberty bell so getting little mini liberty bells or magnets.  I know a couple who created a newsletter for out of town guest it high lighted a fews things about them and their city.
rieshannon1's Pink wedding
Yuma, AZ, USA
at the top of the webpage you will see a tab for tags. Choose OOT boxes and check out what other people have said on this subject. You can compile a list pretty quickly that way! Happy planning!  :)
irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
Cork, Cork, Ireland
Im doing out of town bags for guests putting them in my guests rooms as we are all staying in Mexico. I did a post on this, I bought lots of travel size items from a great website www.minimus.biz they have travel size everything you can think of if you have a look at my blog you will see the list of stuff I will be putting in there. Long list LOL
cincybride09's Green wedding
Cincinnati, OH, USA
I have been trying to figure this out, too. Everything is so expensive!!! Everyone suggests some kind of salty snack, water, mints/gum, and some sort of pain killer (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, ect...). But do you have any idea how much all that stuff costs???? Good God!!! Most of my guests are out of town...so I'm looking at 100+ bags. Let me know what you come up with!!!
eponine923's Green wedding
Lancaster, PA, USA
we're doing snacks/treats that our town is famous for (i.e. pretzels, apple butter, whoopie pies) as well as personalized water bottles (going to sam's club & buying cases of water & ordering labels), info on things to do while in town & an area map. That's what we've decided upon so far.

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