Oct 2, 2008

Ok, I'm looking to make my cardbox myself, just like many of you have done. However, I would like some tips on making a card box.

I had originally thought of wrapping them, but that may not work cause it may not be smooth enough. I was thinking that painting may work better.

Also, I'm not trying to spend a fortune on a cardbox. Where's a good place to get boxes that are not expensive?

Oh yeah, my card box will be square, three tiers. Don't know if that really matters, but thought I'd add that.

Any and all tips are welcome.

Thanks ladies!!!!!
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soon2bmrsgladden's Blue wedding
Mableton, GA, USA
hobby lobby for the boxes and use paint!
bride2be0309's Pink wedding
Hattiesburg, MS, USA
Hobby Lobby has a great selection of boxes! And like every other week they are 50% off. I didn't spend much at all on mine by getting all supplies 50% off. I painted mine but i have seen some done in fabric and paper too. i just liked the paint look better but its whatever is easier for you. I wanted mine simple but i have pictures of mine on here if you wanna look. also ilaaloo has tons of photos of hers too.
shaybaby's Chocolate wedding
The pas, MB, Canada
i havent made mine yet, but something i always keep in mind when i do any crafts... when cutting... you can always make it bigger, not smaller. so when you cut the holes/slots start small.
mrsbenke2b's Pink wedding
Buckeye, AZ, USA
I got my boxes from Hl and I painted them. It sucked up the paint. So I mwrapped mine. I just used spray adhesive and it went on smoothley. (PIB)

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