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Sep 21, 2008

Food For 300+ People

My fiance has an EXTREMELY large family. And we aren't inviting 3rd, 4th, and 5th cousins. The family that we're inviting on his side are aunts, uncles, 1st & 2nd cousins. Just inviting those immediate family members from his mothers side and fathers side pushes the list to over 300 people. It's crazy!!! I think I'll only have about 50 people from my side present (if more, I'll be really happy). Even one will just have to sit together. No separating my side from his side. If we did, it would look so empty on my side.

So, I'm really having a hard time deciding on what type of food to get for the reception when you have this many people. Of course, it'll have to be buffet style because a sit down dinner for that many people is going to be WAYYYY too expensive. I need some suggestions.

P.S. - His cousin has offered to pay for our reception as a gift to us. I hope that happens. I'll be really happy.
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Black Wedding Reception Food For 300+ People
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Many things are a factor for your dinner.

Where is the reception being held? Do they supply a fully equipped catering kitchen?  Electrical? Steam tables? Silverware, dishes, serving dishes & trays, glasses, wine glasses?

Are you thinking of hiring a catering company?  Or will you have friends and family?

What is your budget per person?

Have you offered this information to your cousin who has so kindly offered to pay?  Follow-up with cousin and get the check before you go to far in the planning.

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