Nov 15, 2010

I had my makeup trial today! I decided to go with airbrushing. It does not feel like it is caked on super thick. These pics were taken 6 hours after I got it done and it's still hanging in there. At first I thought the fake lashes looked a bit drag queenish but they are starting to grow on me. Anybody have any advice on how to shrink my big pores and get rid of the bags under my eyes before the big day? It would be greatly appreciated.
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laurie88's Orange wedding
Sykesville, MD, USA
What bags? you look gorgeous!!!

I use Benefit the POREfessional

It's a bit expensive, but it's sooo worth  it, I hate my large pores. I apply just a dime sized amount before putting my makeup on and it literally shrinks them!
hannikay's Pink wedding
Melbourne, 07, Australia
VEEEERY pretty girl! I'm still debating fake lashes.... errrm...hmm.....
sexylilbride's White wedding
San francisco, CA, USA
Your makeup looks awesome!
soonmrspeak's Black wedding
Monee, IL, USA
Thanks ladies!

laurie- if it works I don't mind spending the money..I am definitely going to get it this week.

hannikay- I left the lashes on right up until the time I went to bed last night because I wanted to see what it would be like for wearing them for an extended amount of time on the big day.  I never wear fake lashes and they were pretty heavy, they made my eyes feel tired which would not be good for the wedding.  However I think they look great and would definitely add to that day and look better in pictures.  Now I don't know what to do!
vicenta's Green wedding
Lufkin, TX, USA
lol at the lashes looking drag queenish! I feel the same way but I'm still going to wear them. I think I'm going to look for some that have more length than fullness so maybe it won't look quiet so drag queenish. lol I love that.
sweetlatina's Purple wedding
West haven, CT, USA
Wow, your makeup looks really good!
hannikay's Pink wedding
Melbourne, 07, Australia
Thanks for the advice.. I will go and buy some and try them on for a day I think.
yuandmi's Blue wedding
Ajax, ON, Canada
First of all, you look gorgeous.
As to fake lashes, I am planning on having just a few inserted, not a whole strip. I read somewhere, that if you insert the lashes in the strategic places, it's way better that the whole strip.
enchantedbride's Purple wedding
Johannesburg, 06, South africa
Teabags - For bags under your eyes, Just in the morning about a half hour before you apply your make up. Put a tea bag in warm water, push put most of the liquid & then put it on your eyes.

But i agree- I don't see any bags!!! You look beautiful!

Can't wait to see pics of you on the day, with your beautiful dress & the hair & make up done!! Gonna be gorgeous!!

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