Nov 29, 2008

Is it more fun? Is it more summery? I actually started out as a "pink" bride sure that I wanted hot pink/black/white. Then that became black/ivory as I've mentioned in previous posts. Then that evolved into Fuschia/white. Then Fuschia/Orange/White.

I love this combo but feel it's lacking in some of the sophistication that turquoise and purple can offer. It kind of inspires me and sickens me all at once... reminds me a bit too much of sugary sweet children's candy and birthday parties for girls. But still I keep gravitating back to it because it screams summer.

I'm not sure. Thoughts?
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excitement09's Green wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
While I really like pink and orange, I think you are right in that purple and turquoise would offer a bit more sophistication. Pink and orange makes for a fun and cheery, but more relaxed atmosphere.

Going by one of your posts above, with the glass and crystal combined with the aqua/turquoise seems more chic and sophisticated.

Although I suppose in the end, with the right touches, you could make pink and orange sophisticated too. What does your fiancé think of those colours compared to turquoise/purple? And I guess the final question is, pink and orange can certainly please the eye, but does it speak to you on a more personal note? Does it suit you?
soulwishes's Pink wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
See, that`s what I think too. I love pink, just don`t love the orange with it - at least not as a major accent. It`s cute but it doesn`t speak to me nearly as much as the fuschia, silver and white (also posted about above) or the purple, aqua (or turquoise whatever) and white/clear/silver works.

I think I am sure that I want silver/white/clear as mainstays and just have to decide on the accents, be they pink/orange or purple/turquoise or a combination of the above.  Thanks for your input and for stopping by!
tiffanyandadam09's Pink wedding
Lawn, PA, USA
My colors are Pink and Orange, so I'm obviously a huge fan! :)  I'm getting married in June and I wanted colors that were fun, bright and jazzy!  I think I will definitely accomplish my ideas with these colors.  Lots of fuschia peonies and orange gerbera daisies...  However, if you're going for more of a 'classic' look as opposed to 'fun and bright', you might want to tone the colors down a bit.  All depends on how you actually want your reception to feel... Our personalities are bright, so that's why we went with those colors!

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