Mar 20, 2009

Hi there,

So far this is what we've got for the wedding. I am considering the linen at left, heavily considering it. It's so light and airy and shimmery... and it goes with the girls' dresses, the guy's ties and the throw pillow covers I bought for the lounge seating areas. I think we're on the right track.

I still have to make an appointment to go back in and see what other linens might work but as soon as I saw this one I loved it so I think we may go with it.

It is a bichon linen and is actually on promotion right now for $16 per linen which is great because the other ones I like are $20-30 a piece, to rent them.

For the table centerpieces I am thinking of grouping 3 pieces into an arrangement on each guest table. One will be galvanized steel and the other 2 smaller ones would be glass. The arrangements will be surrounded by candles.

I haven't decided on table CP flowers yet but am drawn most to big pompom mums and/or spider mums though would like to see something else in there as well - orchids? My bouquet will consist of orchids as will head table floral arrangements and ceremony floral arrangements. The BM's bouquets will be all white with possibly a touch of light almost white pink in them, in a mix of hydrangea and whatever else.

The ceremony arrangements will consist of mums at the base of a mass of curly willow set in a planter or vase. The curly willow will have white/pink orchids tied to the branches and will be hung w/ crystal garland. These will be set on a table in front of the arbour, behind where we will stand for the ceremony. In between, our sand ceremony items will sit. On either side of this table, either slightly forward or slightly back, will be 2 tall galvanized steel planters, each about 4' tall, with a large sculpted hedge ball atop each (similar to a topiary only without flowers, just green hedge).

Hanging from the top of the arbour where the ceremony will take place (a 2D structure of 2 vertical wooden beams attached by a horizontal beam that attaches to each) will be approximately 5-6 single orchid blooms, each hanging by a length of clear fishing line. They'll be hung at various lengths to give it a whimsical appeal. We are tossing around the idea of including some hanging amaranthus in between the orchid blooms but we'll see. I don't actually think we need it to be honest now that I think about it.

After the ceremony the floral arrangements from the table and in the standing planters, will be moved over to the reception. The 2 table pieces will go on either end of the head table and the standing hedge-ball planter things will go on either side.
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Aqua violet bichon linen for guest tables - $16/ea to rent
iridescent purple and white pillows with black velvet floral damask to go on white modern lounge seating in tent
Ava604 from Mori Lee. Bridesmaids dresses.
Madison Collection dress- My dress!
Derrick and his guys will wear this tux but with a steel colour vest. D's tie will be black/white/grey and the guys will be black/white/magenta to match the BM's dresses (see other pic for that).
A copy of our save the date cards from the front. They were postcards.
Possibly bouquet style - orchids & peonies. Whether or not we use peonies will depend on weather/climate because normally they're only available in June but we'll see since we are expecting a cooler than average summer this year. I'm not banking on it. Can use mums, roses or hydrangea in place of peonies if need be.
Another beautiful orchid bouquet.
A white manzanita tree with white orchids and crystal garland. We will have one of these on our guest book table (or somewhere - maybe the bar, I'm not sure where it would be best used just yet).
Pink Less than 4 months and here's where we are at More pretty wedding things.... it's all starting to come together now
galvanized steel planters - I like the tall ones. We can use those to place the 'Hedge balls' on them if we can find them cheap enough.
Bought the 8oz (small) chinese food takeout boxes to be used at our candy buffet for late night take home treats!
I am going to order fans to place on the ceremony seats since July can be quite warm under the sun outdoors. I'm not sure yet which colour would look nicest.
MLHCeremonyPic - this is where our ceremony will take place. The arbour is covered in fabric here, but we will leave it natural and just hang the orchids from it as well as place arrangements around it as described at right.
I really like this girl's makeup.
Considering a hairstye like this. I liked it since the first time I saw this pic.
But I really like the vintage look of this kind of style too. It's so glamorous!
This is sort of what I look like with my hair half up and half down, like the chick in the pic 2 pics before this. But.... if my hair was done as nice as hers it would obviously look much better.
This is a votive style my florist was able to source for me at a decent price. I'd have to buy them rather than rent them but at least I'd know then that i could resell them after (or rent them to someone else to make some money back).
Here is another votive style. I like both.

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