This is so the look I'm going for! I want something with curls with a sleek and updo feel and I believe This hairstyle will compliment my haircut so well!!!
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martina liana 2011_340
He is so cute!!!

I'm about to sound like a big kid right now but anywho. I've been wanting a puppy for so long. It took me little while to find one that has similar character traits like mine. First, I had to decide on a breed, which is a Miniature Dachshund. Then I decided it had to be longhaired and have a english cream coat. Lastly, I had to choose if I wanted a boy or gurl puppy and how much I was willing to pay for him.

Well I finally found him!! He won't be ready to bring home until May but I'm going to go see him for the first time today. I'm so ecstatic!!!!

[the 1st pic is him as a newborn and the second one is how he's supposed to look as an adult]

Now I need to come up with a name!!

Any suggestions?!
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my baby
an adult
When I saw these, my eyes literally stretched!!

I had saw these before and thought, 'oh that's cute', but after I saw it can be completely done by DIY, I totally want it in my wedding! I'm not sure what I'll do with them just yet but these are definitely on the list.

I found the instructions on Ruffled blog and here's the url in case you want them too!
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I've been looking for a modern and elegant wedding cake that reminds me of spring and I think I found it!

I might add some color to it though. What do you ladies think?
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a stunning wedding cake
I really like this grey suit! The thing that caught my eye was the striped shirt with the black tie. What do you ladies think about a suit with a striped shirt? Do you think if the shirt was a clover green striped one would be too much?

I would like to get married in the spring and I think a suit like this would be perfect, don't 'cha think ladies?

I know I'm asking like a million and one questions but I would really appreciate your honest opinions!!
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GQ Groom
Would you believe me if I said that this dress is an A-line and not a Mermaid silhouette?

Well believe it because it is!

Given that I'm vertically challenged (I'm 5' 3", I need to find a gown that doesn't look like it's swallowing me, making me shorter than what I am, and unproportions my body. I think an A-line silhouette can give me a little height, give my littlle ma-mas some attention, and show off my curves, in which I think this dress will do. I love showing off my shape when I can and seeing how this dress can compliment me in all the right areas, I don't have to worry about the "cutting me off" illusion.

The only thing is, I'm not sure when is the best time to go and buy this baby. I'm slightly worried that it won't be available by the time I get around to it.

What do you ladies think about the dress and what do you think I should do?
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Blue Ask a Question I think I'm getting closer....
model front
model back
Would it be wrong for me to say that I don't want a flower girl or a ring bearer?

I already know that I want flower petals along the sides of an aisle runner and the BM is going to be responsible for having our rings so I don't see the point of having either one. Not to sound negative or anything, they are cute, but I just see it as money that I can put somewhere else.

For instance, I would really love a praise dancer to dance to Be Sure by Karen Sheard before I have my grand entrance.

Check out the song and please tell me what you think ladies!! =)

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dancer's feet
Looking for a hairstyle can be very hard especially when you have short hair. I've seen some cute ones but there's not that many to choose from. I know I want curls with a side swept bang and the picture on the left is similar to what I want. My previous hairstyle post has curls but it's more in a shape of a mohawk, which I'm not really a fan of.

What do you ladies think of this one??
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short side swept curls