Wedding Dress
Dec 29, 2010

Carol Hannah

Has anyone bought a dress by this designer from NY?

I was just looking at her website [] and it hasn't been recently updated [only has a line from 2009]; but I looked at her blog and it looks like she mostly does custom gowns and she just launched her bridesmaid dress line. She also has a store on etsy [theweddingcollection].

I really like some of her gowns and I just wondering if any you ladies are considering on wearing a Carol Hannah wedding gown.

Thank you in advance!

And continue to enjoy your Holidays!!
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hannikay's Pink wedding
Old beach, 06, Australia
I haven't heard of her, but she looks magical. If you feel like a princess in it, go for it!
acowleysoontobe's Pink wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
This dress is lovely! I have never heard of her, but like what she has done here!

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