Oct 4, 2008

So I mentioned earlier that I wasn't sure what I was going to do about my maid of honor. I don't have any sisters and I don't have one "friends forever" girlfriend. I had thought about my sister in law, who I'm close with. Lately though I've been wanting to ask my one friend(who is already a bridesmaid) to be maid of honor, we talk every single day and see each at least once or twice a week and we're extremely close. Even though I'm good friends with my other bridesmaids, I consider her to be my best friend. The only thing is I haven't known her for a super long time-about 8 months or so. I know of course she would say yes, but I feel weird asking because I haven't known her for years and years. Any thoughts?

ETA: I decided I'm going to ask her, I can't imagine anyone else. I'm seeing her tomorrow so I got her a card, a candle(that's brown) and a picture of us(in a pink frame)!
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Pink Bridesmaids Maid of honor
b2b814's Purple wedding
Lake mary, FL, USA
Ask the person who is going to put your intrest first weather you've only known her for 2 weeks if she will help you through out this serious time on your life and support you then she is the one.
amcs76's Green wedding
Whitby, ON, Canada
I would ask her. Even though you haven't been close for that long, you still have a tight relationship with her, and that's the kind of person you want as an MOH.
futuremrspearce09's Black wedding
Beltsville, MD, USA
I would ask whoever you feel the closest with and the person you know you'll stay closest with.

Though I'm not great on the MOH advice.....I have nooooo idea who to pick for MOH. It's such a hard decision when you're not super close with anyone but close with them all equally...it's like picking a favorite, it's not fun. I'm thinking about having two...haha.
holly84wood's Orange wedding
Hollidaysburg, PA, USA
i would definitely recommend picking the person who you could see in your life 10 years from now..which, hopefully will be the one who will expresses the most interest in helping you! you don't want to look back years from now and regret not picking that friend just because you weren't sure of the "proper" length of time you knew each other.
junebride's Blue wedding
Hyattsville, MD, USA
I had the same problem...out of the eight people I want in my bridal party, the person I chose as my MOH I have known the least amount of time! I have know her 5 years, where everyone else I have known for over 15.  However, she is the one I trust the most , the most concerned with the wedding, and has been there for me throughout my relationship.  I don't think that time should be a determining factor-and don't worry about what everyone else will think...it's all about you! :)

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