Feb 17, 2009

Ladies, I need your expertise!

I've been looking at several wedding planners & wondering if I even need one. Is anyone using one? Is it helpful or a waste of money?

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b00tyfulchica's Purple wedding
La follette, TN, USA
I actually printed out a 50 page book and put it in a binder and I'm sure it would be very helpful if I'd use it haha!
crisgill's Red wedding
Bradenton, FL, USA
You should go to JCPenney and register with them. All you need is for your registry to have 15 items and once you go to the checkout, they give you a free fancy planner. I will be giving mine to my sister who is helping me plan the wedding. When i booked my reception site they gave me one as well. I really like the free one from JCPenney. It has a lot of great stuff. We aren't going to use that registry at all, we just wanted the free planner and the free engagement session. Good luck planning.
's  wedding
Fountain hills, AZ, USA
I just picked up my JCPenney wedding planner....for free! thanks crisgill!
mrsasquared's Blue wedding
Kelowna, BC, Canada
My FH bought me a Martha Stewart one for Valentines Day, but I have a pink one called "Tying the Knot" that I have been working through and I use a program for keeping track of everything its called iDo. I find it helpful but I also have a terrible memory. And you can always just use the Knot for planning - I hear its useful

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