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Ladies, I need your expertise!

I've been looking at several wedding planners & wondering if I even need one. Is anyone using one? Is it helpful or a waste of money?

b00tyfulchica's Purple wedding
 |  La follette, TN, USA  |  02/17/2009  | 
I actually printed out a 50 page book and put it in a binder and I'm sure it would be very helpful if I'd use it haha!
crisgill's Red wedding
 |  Bradenton, FL, USA  |  02/17/2009  | 
You should go to JCPenney and register with them. All you need is for your registry to have 15 items and once you go to the checkout, they give you a free fancy planner. I will be giving mine to my sister who is helping me plan the wedding. When i booked my reception site they gave me one as well. I really like the free one from JCPenney. It has a lot of great stuff. We aren't going to use that registry at all, we just wanted the free planner and the free engagement session. Good luck planning.
's  wedding
 |  Fountain hills, AZ, USA  |  02/23/2009  | 
I just picked up my JCPenney wedding planner....for free! thanks crisgill!
mrsasquared's Blue wedding
 |  Kelowna, BC, Canada  |  02/23/2009  | 
My FH bought me a Martha Stewart one for Valentines Day, but I have a pink one called "Tying the Knot" that I have been working through and I use a program for keeping track of everything its called iDo. I find it helpful but I also have a terrible memory. And you can always just use the Knot for planning - I hear its useful
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