Sep 9, 2009

Yup 18 months to go & i already got their dresses!!!! I love them! & they do too!!!!

wat do you think? honestly!? You guys dont think the 2 MOH dresses will clash with the BM dresses!?
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bm dresses
10oct2010's Pink wedding
Beijing, Parvan, China
Absolutely not!! I love your BM dresses!!! I was thinking, how if your MOH will wear the BM dress and your BM will wear the plain purple dress. because you hv many BMs. it looks great when more people wearing purple with 2 people wearing something different. but the dresses you pick are really gorgeous !!!
relish01's Pink wedding
San lorenzo, CA, USA
I agree!  The first dress is extremely gorgeous.  You should reserve that for the maid of honor.  You have great taste.  who is the designer?
agirlinastory's Blue wedding
Regina, SK, Canada
I *love* that first dress. wow.  My only comment is to me the first dress looks more sleek and elegant, and the others look more flowy and romantic and sort of have different feels to them
speedy91289's Purple wedding
Norwalk, CA, USA
The designer. dont remember...=)  Thank you all for the comments! Its a lot of help! & yes i get wat ur saying agirlinastory, the BM dresses are more elegant than the MOH's dresses......ill ask them too kepp looking just in case.. thank you! =D
apryls's Pink wedding
Round lake, IL, USA
these dresses are soooooooooo pretty i can see my girls in the BM dresses most definately
mmmiloveturtles's Purple wedding
Chilliwack, BC, Canada
The BM dress is a Jim Hjelm gown. Hahaha, yes, I can tell just by the model and backdrop.... sigh. I think I spend too much time looking at wedding stuff....

But it's GORGEOUS!

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