For my B.O.B's (Bride's on a Budget). I have calla lily bouquet's for my bridesmaids from Michael's for $12.99. They're not silk flower but they're very nice. I love them! They came alreay tied together with fabric. Also I will be arranging the men's boutannaire's which I also got from Michael's a pack of 6 I believe for 6.99.
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SoOoO after debating and going back and forth on this issue we've decided to go with some elegant cupcakes and a bride/groom cake for us to cut into. The chef at the hotel is making it for us a good price much cheaper that the local area bakers.
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Just when I thought things would get easier it's getting more complicated. We've ended up swiching rooms for our wedding ceremony and not only that cost on top of cost is arising. It's unbelievable...... I'm freaking out because it seems like I won't be having the wedding of my dreams. I'm praying that everything comes together. It's important for us to have a beautiful wedding but we figure life after the wedding is much more important.
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So about those individual miniture weding cakes...not going to happen. They are a little expensive especially for the ampunt of guest we're going to have so we've decided to go with a whole wedding cake. I'm a little disappointed but hey what can you do...

We're still sticking to the butterfly theme so here ae just some ideas of the shape of the cake we're interested in and different butterfly ideas.
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square lime_green_butterflies
So, we wanted something meaningful and we wanted something that our guest would be able to use and have as a keepsake. Wedding Favor Magnets. So I copied our invitation style and attempted to use but I just can't seem to get the sizing right. If anyone could help I would greatly appeciate it.

I just like the idea of creating something it makes it more personalized and really represents who we are as a couple. What do you think?
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Wedding Favor Magnets
Thank you to the ladies who posted this design it was beautiful! I did add my own little touch here and there with the help of my maid of honor.

I did get rid of our full names and wedding location so that I could post on this site.
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Invitation Idea 2A-Response card
print ready invite-for web site
We finally met with a photographer and his work is amazing. He has a good eye and a very artistic style. We fell in love with what he had to offer and samples that he showed us. We just have to complete the paperwork and send to him. I don't want to lose him so I'm on it.

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So yesterday me and my Fiance picked up our rings. I was all It sounds crazy but it's all startin to seem real now. I put my rings on to see if I needed them to be sized (Thank God NO!) and they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Tear.....

I can't wait til' the big day...YEA!!!
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JB Robinson-Hers
JB Robinson-HIS
Hmm... I was thinking something simple. I like the idea od a magnet invitation it's a keepsake for those who can and cannot attend.
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Magnet invitation
Here, finally I have selected the shoes for my bridal party including my two flower girls.
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bridal party
Flowergirl shoes
Gisselle 2