Sep 9, 2008

So, for the past few weeks I had a dilemma. My reception was set to be held at 8 but when I finally got to sit with the woman to discuss the church....I found out that I couldn't married any later than 3p.m. Well, that meant having my guest wait anywhere from 3 1/2 to 4 hours just to attend my reception. My fiance and I had a long discussion because now we needed to decide whether to let the venue for the reception go or the church. It was a hard decision because I had been going to the church since I was a little girl and the venue for the reception was were I had my sweet sixteen. So, ultimately they both had a significant meaning. But, we opted to change venues......being married in my home church meant more to me than anything. I had envisioned being married there for as long as I can remember. Then the search was on to find a reception hall but it had to be beautiful, include everything the other hall had to offer and then some. I was so blessed when I found Bruno's, I had been there once before and never thought anything about having my reception there. But, it was elegant, inviting, the people were friendly, and the atmosphere just reeked romance. I am so happy the reception is there. Now, that the biggest stress is over (finding venues)....I wonder if this is the end or has it just begun. Anyone else experiencing similar issues????
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irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
Cork, Cork, Ireland
Oh I am having such stress dealing with a really uncooperative and useless at her job travel agent. I am having such hassle at the moment with regards this woman that I am ready to rip her apart. This is the only stress I am experiencing at the moment. I feel like I am banging my head off a wall when dealing with this woman she doesnt have a clue about a thing. I am having to do her job for her so it is done basically. She has messed up so many things I am freaking out. Have made complaints and thought it was all sorted only to find out today that she has made even further mistakes over the past few days. I am absolutely livid I now have to go down the managing director route, oh who happens to be her sister. Sounds great huh?
amcs76's Green wedding
Whitby, ON, Canada
The church has been stressing me out since day one. Now my FI and I are both Roman Catholic, so we didn't have any issues to get married in the church  since we are both Catholic. But, because we want to get married in a church near where our family lives (where we both grew up), we had to go to the church where we live, get a letter of permission to give to the church we want to get married at. Then I was told we had to go to the church we are marrying at to fill out pre-marriage paperwork. Well when I called the secretary she said no, you have to do that at the church where you live. So I went through that hassle and finally got the paperwork done. And was told they would send the paperwork to our church we are marrying at. I called a few weeks later to see if they received it and they hadn't. I told the secretary I wanted to confirm the date, and she said she would pencil it in their schedule. Then a few months later they finally received our paperwork (don't know wtf took so long). We were told that we had to come meet with the priest of the church we are marrying at. So we drove 1 1/2 hours there only to be told by the rude priest that we had everything completed that we need. Total waste of our time! The priest of the church is not the one who will be marrying us, our old high school religion teacher (who is also an ordained priest) will be marrying us. So we had to get permission from the priest of the church for our old religion teacher to marry us. We got his permission, and I had tried to get ahold of our old religion teacher for two months and he finally called me back and said he is available for our wedding date. So I called the church secretary to let her know and she said she didn't have a date confirmed for our wedding! Even though she told me she "penciled" it in 6 months ago! thankfully our date and time was still available. Absolutely ridiculous, they have made us jump through hoops to get married. That's the only thing that we have experienced issues with so far.

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