Jun 6, 2009

I just bought 3 Damask hat boxes to make my card box out of, but I am clueless as to what to do next.

What kind of glue do you use to attach the ribbon?
What did you use to attach the card boxes together?
If you used letters on top what did you attach those with?

Any other helpful pointers would be apprciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Damask wedding items 003
pinkg21's Blue wedding
Lakeland, FL, USA
where did you find these? If you dont mind me asking how much were they?
stefnanny's Black wedding
Saint clair shores, MI, USA
I got them at Hobby Lobby. They were 50% off so I got all 3 boxes for about $10 or $11 bucks!
itsmedmh's Pink wedding
Bloomington, IN, USA
stefanny, i would use a hot glue gun to attach ribbon. i used spray adhesive but i used scrapbooking paper to cover my boxes which you obviously don't have to do (lucky ;)). i attached my letter S to a dowel rod with a glue gun and stuck it down the top of my boxes. there is a picture on my blog somewhere.

glad you got a hobby lobby! i wouldn't know what to do without mine!!

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